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How to refund Helldivers 2 on Steam

Helldivers 2 recently announced that a PlayStation Network is required to play the game. If you live in one of the many countries where PSN accounts are not available, you run the risk of having your account blocked as soon as you link your Steam and PSN accounts. Here is a guide on how to refund Helldivers 2 on Steam.

Helldivers 2 Steam Refund Guide

Some users have successfully refunded Helldivers 2 despite spending more than 2 hours on the game. Under normal circumstances, 2 hours would be the maximum game time Steam would consider for a refund.

You may have to submit your refund requests multiple times.

Make sure you are logged into the Steam account in your browser with the Helldivers 2 purchase you want to refund.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Helldivers 2”
    1. If it is not one of your recent products, click on Purchases and search for “Helldivers 2”.
  3. Click on ‘I would like my money back’
  4. Click on ‘I want to request a refund’

Please confirm your payment methods for the refund request. It’ll also ask for a reason – the Helldivers 2 community figured this out a good message you can use as a reference what to put in this field:

“The developers have announced that they will restrict my access to the game unless I sign up for and use a third-party service and account. This requirement was made unclear at launch and suspended for three months before being announced as a requirement to continue playing the game at all.

Choose the reason ‘The multiplayer is not working’.

Another player with almost 100 hours on the game, Steam provided a brief reason, which was accepted: “Sony has retroactively changed the way the game works and imposed legal agreements on me that I do not accept.”

The Helldivers 2 Sony controversy

Helldivers 2 has gone from one of the most beloved newly released titles to one of the most hostile, thanks to the announcement that a PlayStation Network account will now be required to play the game.

The game is now receiving a mixed reception on Steam, with recent reviews on Overwhelmingly Negative drawing nearly 300,000 reviews after its announcement.

The game has also been scrapped and is currently unavailable for purchase in the 177 countries not served by PSN.

According to the developers, the public outcry against the developers of Arrowhead Studios is misdirected. According to them, this was a decision made solely by Sony as the publisher of the title. Whether this is the case or not, it hasn’t stopped people from expressing their negative reactions on every possible platform. This includes the Steam page for Helldivers (the first game), which is unaffected by the PSN requirement.

“It saddens me deeply that @HelldiversGame is also being bombarded due to the recent @Helldivers2 controversy,” Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt wrote on X. “HD1 does not have a PSN login. So there’s no point in people targeting unrelated titles. This is about Helldivers 2 and the PSN link policy.”

He also said they were in discussions with PlayStation and are “doing everything we can to speak for the community,” but he doesn’t have the final say.

This all comes to a head PlayStation has withdrawn the requirement and clarifies that the PSN account link for Helldivers 2 players, both new and current, will no longer be implemented.