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Tekken 8 Patch Notes 1.04

Bandai Namco recently revealed the Tekken 8 patch notes for version 1.04.00. Players can expect the update to bring in a wave of buffs and nerfs to their favorite characters. With EVO Japan 2024 now out of the way, the developers can launch some drastic changes to the game. Having that said, here’s everything you need to know about the incoming patch.

Tekken 8 Patch Notes 1.04 Release Date

Tekken 8 version 1.04.00 will launch on May 7, 2024 (PDT). When the update goes live, players should expect server maintenance to happen for approximately five hours simultaneously. That means all online features won’t be accessible for the time being.

Here’s the full schedule of the update launch and scheduled maintenance:

Date and Time of Update:

  • (PDT) May 7th (Tuesday) 19:00 approx
  • (UTC) May 8th (Wednesday) 2:00 approx
  • (JST) May 8th (Wednesday) 11:00 approx

Server Maintenance Schedule:

  • (PDT) May 7th (Tuesday) 18:30 – 24:00
  • (UTC) May 8th (Wednesday) 1:30 – 07:00
  • (JST) May 8th (Wednesday) 10:30 – 16:00

New Tekken Shop Items

While the newly introduced Tekken Shop received backlash from the fanbase, Bandai Namco continues to bring new items for those interested. Several items will be released in the shop come the launch of version 1.04.00. Here are the following items:

  • NINJA Pack will be available for all playable characters
  • SHINOBI Pack will be available for all playable characters
  • Lili Legacy Costume
  • Free Avatar Customization Item

Bug Fixes

When it comes to Tekken 8 patch notes, one aspect that’s very important to players is the bug fixes. While many fans often rant about how unbalanced characters can be, many also complain whenever the game becomes buggy. Thankfully the developers noticed the recent issues and came up with fixes. Here’s the full list of improvements:

  • Packet transmission and reception optimization as well as rollback processing during online matches.
  • Logic for detecting processing delay improved and displayed as a red icon in the bottom right corner of the screen during online matches.
  • The parameter names for each item in “PLAY STATS” have been improved for better clarity.
  • My Replay & Tips improvements allow players to skip entrance and victory animations during replay playback.
  • Exciting Replay optimized loading times.
  • Character Customization fixes the possibility of customizing both “Kijin Face Guard” and “Surgical Mask” for Reina simultaneously.
  • Character Customization fixes the unintended skin color of the upper body.
  • Other miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes were implemented.

Character Buffs and Nerfs

The majority of the Tekken community often complains about specific fighters who they feel are too overpowered or underwhelming in certain patches. This issue will never be permanently resolved. However, the developers do their best to regularly provide balance to these characters to ensure satisfaction among their player base. In the latest Tekken 8 patch notes, Bandai Namco made significant adjustments to practically all fighters in the game.

An additional note for newer players reading the Tekken patch notes 1.04, here’s a full breakdown of the move terminologies translated into their respective consoles:

  • Up – Up D-Pad for both PlayStation and Xbox
  • Down – Down D-pad for both PlayStation and Xbox
  • Forward – Right D-Pad for both PlayStation and Xbox
  • Back – Left D-Pad for both PlayStation and Xbox
  • Dash – Double-tap Left D-Pad for both PlayStation and Xbox
  • Backdash – Double-tap Right D-pad for both PlayStation and Xbox
  • 1 – Square on PlayStation and X on Xbox
  • 2 – Triangle on PlayStation and Y on Xbox
  • 3 – X on PlayStation and A on Xbox
  • 4 – Circle on PlayStation and B on Xbox

This article will also only include characters with significant changes coming in the next patch.

Alisa (Balanced)

Not too many players are complaining about Alisa this season. However, some fans who main as her still need certain adjustments to her moveset. Here are all the adjustments:

  • Opponents can no longer quickly dodge high attacks after Alisa hits Down-Forward-1.
  • Initially, the move Down-Back-2-2-2+4 was inconsistent. Version 1.04.00 reduces the move’s damage from 13 to 10.
  • A fix for the position wherein players find themselves in a weird state when under attack during the animation for Backdash-1+4.
  • The hitbox for the move While Rising-4 increases the range to avoid whiffs.

Asuka (Buffed)

Back in Tekken 7, Asuka was one of the strongest characters to use. To everyone’s surprise, Bandai Namco made her significantly weaker in Tekken 8, which led to backlash from fans. Fortunately, the developers heard all the rants and will power up the tomboyish Kazama. Here are all the adjustments:

  • The hitbox for the move Down-Forward-1+2 (hold) During Rage increased in range to avoid whiffs.
  • The success of the move Forward-2+3 after parrying increased.
  • Opponents can no longer evade high attacks after getting hit from either Down-Forward-1 or Down-Back-4.
  • Reduced knockback distance when Forward-Dash-1+2 is blocked. There are also changes added to trigger tornado upon counter hit.
  • Damage for the move Forward-Dash-1+2 during Naniwa Gusto reduced from 42 to 36. A tornado will now trigger after getting hit or counter-hit. Opponents’ blocking adjusted for 5 frames from +6 to +11. However, opponents are now prone to getting wall spalt when hit near a wall.
  • The heat consumption for Up-1+2 during Naniwa Gusto reduced to the consumption level of Up-Back-1+2.
  • The frame advantage for the move 2 during Destabilizer changed from -9 frames to -3 frames. The move now has a reduced knockback distance when blocked. It can now deal chip damage as well when blocked.
  • The frame advantage for the move 4 during Destabilizer changed from -18 frames to -14 frames.

Azucena (Nerfed)

Azucena ended up being a disgusting figure in the game due to her high power level. Many players hated facing her online. Thankfully her power level decreased in patch 1.04.00. Here are all the adjustments:

  • A whiffing issue fix for Azucena’s Down-Forward-1+2 during Rage.
  • It’s now easier to evade the first attack in the move 1-1 when using a sidestep. The frame advantage when blocking the second attack increased from -9 frames to -10 frames. The distance upon hit or block was also reduced.
  • It’s now easier to evade the first attack in the move 2-1 when using a sidestep. It now takes 4 frames longer to recover after the second attack. The frame advantage when blocking increases from -3 frames to -7 frames. Lastly, the frame advantage on hit reduces from +7 frames to +3 frames.
  • The input window for the second hit of the move Down-Forward-1-4-1 is reduced and prevents delays in execution. The damage from the second hit of the combo was also reduced from 17 to 13. Players can now easily evade the combo during the second hit with a sidestep. Azucena users will unlikely hit their opponents from behind due to the third attack’s duration and hitbox increasing.
  • Damage for Down-Back-3 increased from 12 to 14.
  • Damage from Down-Back-4 decreased from 17 to 13.
  • The tracking ability in the second hit of Back-1-1 enhanced on the hit or block of the first attack. This adjustment aims to reduce the chances of whiffing midway through the combo.
  • The combo damage scaling for Dash-4 after the hit is adjusted to 70%.
  • The damage of the second attack of Forward-Dash-3 reduces from 27 to 20. The frame advantage on the block also reduced from +5 frames to +2 frames.

Bryan (Buffed)

Bryan was always known to be a menacing figure in the Tekken franchise. However, in Tekken 8, he seems to be less intimidating to deal with. With that said Bryan mains should rejoice as the cyborg is about to get hit with a major buff in version 1.04.00. Here are all the adjustments:

  • The damage for 2+3 during Heat increases from 45 to 55. The frame advantage on the block also increases from +9 frames to +15 frames. The hitbox also increases when Bryan sends opponents mid-air. This reduces the chances of whiffing mid-combo.
  • Adjusted collision detection for Down-Forward-1+2 during Rage making it more difficult to slip under a floating opponent.
  • Adjusted collision detection for 3+4 and Down-Forward-2-3 making it easier to counterattack.
  • Opponents can no longer easily evade Down-3-2 simply by crouching.
  • Decreased the distance from the opponent after the first hit from Down-Back-1+2. This reduces the whiffing tendencies mid-combo.
  • Whiffing instances for Down-Down-Back-Back-3 reduced.
  • Whiffing instances for Down-Down-Back-Back-4 reduced.
  • A Reversal Break effect was added when breaking free from 1+2-2 (hold) during Snake Eyes. It’s no longer possible to hit a Power Crush or Attack Reversal after breaking loose from the move.

Devil Jin (Nerfed)

Devil Jin has been one of the biggest disappointments since the launch of the game. Formerly a competitive scene staple, Jin’s devil form is getting another nerf, making him less likely to shine in the coming tournaments. Here are all the changes:

  • The forward movement, tracking ability during sidestep, and reach for 2+3 during Heat were reduced.
  • The issue where holding Down-Back-1+2 not resulting in a counter-hit when being attacked is now fixed.
  • Chances of whiffing the combos Back-Forward-2-1-2, Back-Forward-2-1-Down-Forward-2, and Back-Forward-2-1-4 are now low.
  • It’s now easier to perform Up-1+2.

Dragunov (Nerfed)

Dragunov is arguably one of the strongest characters in Tekken 8 this season. This resulted in The White Angel of Death becoming one of the most used characters in competitive play. To add the cherry on top, Dragunov would also make it among the top finalists in tournaments. However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Dragunov will receive a significant nerf in the Tekken 8 Patch Notes 1.04. Here are all the adjustments:

  • The damage from the first of 4-4 is reduced from 15 to 10.
  • The opponent’s recovery time when blocking Forward-3-1+2 is increased by 3 frames.
  • Opponents can no longer quickly crouch to evade Down-Forward-1
  • Damage for Down-Forward 3+4 reduced from 23 to 19.
  • Down-Back-3+4 now has a shorter reach. Recovery time is now longer by 4 frames.
  • The damage of Forward-Dash-2 when input quickly was reduced from 30 to 26.
  • The damage from the final kick of Forward-Dash-4 during a wall stun was reduced from 36 to 28.
  • The recovery time after hitting Down-Forward-1 while crouching was increased by 2 frames. The second hit (4) no longer knocks opponents down if the first hit was a counter-hit.
  • The opponents’ recover time from 1 during Takedown was reduced by 4 frames. This is to adjust the possibility of unintended follow-ups.

Eddy (Balanced)

Eddy quickly became one of the most hated characters in Tekken 8. This is due to Bandai Namco making him significantly easier to use despite already being a beginner-friendly character. In patch 1.04.00, the developers aren’t nerfing him. Thankfully, they aren’t buffing him either. Here are all the changes:

  • The attack duration for Down-Forward-1 was shortened from 14 frames to 13 frames. The tracking ability against sidesteps was also reduced.
  • The frame advantage blocking 1 during Bananeira increased from +5 frames to +6 frames.
  • Eddy users will no longer whiff the second hit of 4-3 during Negativa when performing near a wall.
  • Expanded hurtbox for Back (hold) during Negativa.
  • The tracking ability of the third hit from 3+4 during Bananeira while at Mandinga Level 2 is enhanced. This reduces the tendency to whiff mid-combo.

Feng (Nerfed)

Like Dragunov, Feng is one of the crowd favorites this season. The champion of Electric Clash 2024 Kkokkoma used Feng to climb his way to victory. Unfortunately, his main character is getting hit with some nerfs this coming patch. Here are all the changes:

  • The issue where opponents who get hit with Feng’s Back Facing Opponent-1 after blocking 3+4 during Heat no longer happens. The attack hitbox was also reduced. The recovery frames were also reduced by 3.
  • The input window for 1+2 after a punch parry increased from 2-9 frames to 5-9 frames.
  • The collision detection with opponents for Back-1+2 has been adjusted. This gives opponents higher chances of hitting their punish moves.
  • Reduced damage for Up-Forward-3 from 20 to 16.
  • Reduced damage for Dash-3-Back Facing Opponent-3 from 35 to 33.
  • The input window for 1+2 after a punch parry increased from 3-8 frames to 5-8 frames.

Jack-8 (Buffed)

Intimidating as he may be, Jack-8 is a well-balanced fighter in Tekken 8. However, it seems that the man-made soldier could soon dominate the competitive scene with a bunch of buffs coming his way. Here are all the adjustments:

  • The forward movement when intercepting an opponent’s attack with Down-Forward-1+2 increased. This also reduces the chances of whiffing in certain situations.
  • The hitbox for Back-2 and Back-2 (hold) increased downward, reducing the chances of whiffing certain moves.
  • The hitbox for 4 While Rising expanded, reducing chances of whiffing.
  • When transitioning to Gamma Howl, the remaining time on the Heat timer now recovers by 30 frames.
  • When successfully intercepting an opponent’s attack in the Gamma Howl stance, the Heat timer recovers by 90 frames. Doing so will add 10 additional HP to the recoverable health gauge. When intercepting subsequent attacks, only 5 HP will be restored in the recoverable health gauge.

Jun (Buffed)

When Jun made her return to Tekken 8, many fans expected her to be one of the most powerful characters in-game considering all the mystical powers she possesses. Fortunately, the developers didn’t make her too powerful. However, some find her quite underwhelming. With that said Jun is getting buffed in the incoming patch. Here are all the adjustments:

  • The collision detection for Down-Forward-1+2 during Rage was extended to reduce the chances of whiffing. The hitbox of the attack was also expanded.
  • The Heat consumption of Forward-1+2 during Heat was reduced from -180 frames to -120 frames.
  • The hitbox of Down-Forward-1-2 was expanded.
  • The tracking ability of the follow-up Up-Forward-4-3 that automatically triggers upon hit has been enhanced.
  • Fixed the issue of Genjitsu not triggering properly.
  • The amount of health consumed with 2 during Genjitsu is reduced.

Kazuya (Balanced)

Despite Kazuya having arguably a more menacing form in Tekken 8, he is a more well-balanced fighter to deal with. In the upcoming patch, Kazuya will have a more balanced update. Here are the following changes:

  • Hitbox for Down-Forward-3-2-1 and Down-Forward-3-2-1 (hold) has been adjusted to reduce the tendency of hitting opponents in areas other than the front.
  • Kazuya users will no longer be able to hit Down-Forward-3+4-1 consecutively in certain situations.
  • Hitbox for Dash-2, Dash-2 during Devil form, and 2 While Rising was expanded.
  • The tracking capability of the second hit for the Forward-Neutral-Down-Down-Forward-4-1 and Forward-Neutral-Down-Down-Forward-4-4 has been enhanced.

Kuma/Panda (Buffed)

Kuma and Panda are two of the goofiest characters in the game. Kuma utilizes some of the Mishima fighting style moves while Panda takes after her master Xiaoyu and utilizes her set of skills in fights. All these moves are also incorporated into their unique fighting style which makes them tough matchups at times, especially when one is unfamiliar. However, it appears that going up against them will be a more daunting task than usual. Here are the buffs coming to the bear characters:

  • Kuma – The animation for Down-Forward-1+2 has been altered to lessen the tendency of slipping through opponents when executed at close range.
  • Panda – The damage for 2+3 has been increased from 20, 35 to 22, 40.
  • Up-Forward-3+4 during Heat can now be executed from Bear Roll. The damage has been changed from “8, 10, 12” to “13, 20, 26”. As a result, the total damage when hitting on the ground will be 21 to 40. The consumption of remaining Heat time has been changed from -300 frames to -240 frames. Issue of being treated as “jump status” for a certain period after landing has been adjusted, so that low attacks can now connect properly.
  • Forward 1+2 has been changed to a Recoverable Gauge Extinguisher which can erase the opponent’s Recovery Gauge on hit.
  • Increased damage of 1 during Bear Sit from 10 to 15.

Lars (Balanced)

Another character from the famous “Mishima Fighters” is Heihachi’s illegitimate child Lars Alexanderson. Lars is one of the quickest and trickiest matchups in Tekken. However, in Tekken 8, he isn’t as tormenting to deal with compared to previous installments of the franchise. In the upcoming patch, it appears that the developers aim to maintain his well-balanced build. Here are all the adjustments:

  • Changed the damage of 2+3 during Heat from 50 to 55. The hurtbox for the second hit when the first one whiffs have been extended.
  • The adjustment of 1+2 during Dynamic Entry aimed at stabilizing combos, which involves reducing forward movement during wall combos, has been modified to apply only upon hitting with the attack.
  • Expanded the hurtbox of 2 during Silent Entry, alleviating situations where certain attacks would whiff.
  • The issue where a transition from 1 during Limited Entry to a throw occurred on an airborne hit has been corrected.

Law (Buffed)

Marshall Law was once feared in competitive play because of his hard-hitting punches and kicks. Despite now having nunchucks in his arsenal, Law doesn’t seem to be the same character as he once was in previous installments. With that said, the Bruce Lee-inspired fighter is getting buffed in version 1.04.00. Here are all the changes:

  • The tracking ability of Down-Forward-1+2 during Rage was slightly weaker compared to other Rage Arts, making it easier to evade with sidesteps than intended. To address this, the tracking ability has been enhanced to make it more difficult to evade.
  • Back-4-3 adjusted to hit continuously even when hitting from behind.
  • The combo damage scaling of 4 While Rising after a counter hit has been adjusted to 70%.

Lee (Buffed)

Lee was one of those characters who could easily punish opponents if they didn’t know how to go against him. He’s a swift fighter who throws a barrage of kicks. Despite these qualities, he seems to be more balanced in Tekken 8. Now, it appears that he’s going to get a slight buff heading into the new update. Here are all the changes:

  • The forward movement of Down-Forward-1+2 during Rage upon successfully absorbing an opponent’s attack has been increased, mitigating the occurrence of whiffing in certain situations.
  • Forward-3-3-3-3 adjusted to hit continuously even when hitting from behind.
  • The difficulty in executing Down-Back-3+4 during Heat activation animation and Heat Dash has been addressed.

Leroy (Buffed)

Back when Leroy was introduced in Tekken 7, he was considered to be one of the most powerful characters on the roster. Many didn’t know how to deal with him, especially since he was also new at the time. However, Leroy’s power level significantly dropped come Tekken 8, which is quite a shocker to many fans. Fortunately, Bandai Namco realized their mistake and is now going to make it up to Leroy mains. Here are all the adjustments:

  • New Move – Chain Punch: Seed (During Nimble Shift 8) can now also be performed from standard sidesteps.
  • Changed the damage of 2+3 during Heat from 45 to 50.
  • The tracking ability and forward movement of Down-Forward-1+2 when absorbing the opponent’s attack have been adjusted to alleviate instances where the move whiffs in certain situations.
  • Changed fast multi-hit attacks to recover remaining Heat time by 60 frames on hit.
  • Adjusted 1+2-1+2-1-during Hermit-1+2-1 to ensure that the remaining Heat time does not reach zero while performing attacks. This change aims to prevent situations where the Heat state ends while executing an attack, and a player is unable to transition to Heat Dash.
  • The opponent’s recovery time blocking 1-1-1+2 has been increased by 4 frames.
  • The opponent’s recovery time blocking Forward-3-1+2 and 3-1+2 While Rising has been increased by 4 frames. The second hit cannot be avoided by crouching when the first hit lands.
  • Recovery time for Down-Forward-1-1+2 was reduced by 4 frames.
  • Upon successfully parrying the opponent’s attack, the recoverable gauge now replenishes by 3.
  • Upon successfully parrying the opponent’s attack, the recoverable gauge now replenishes by 5.
  • The damage for the final attack of 1 or 2 after Twin Dragon Gate succeeds has been changed from 10 to 15.
  • The damage from Back-3 changed from 20 to 27.

Steve (Buffed)

The amount of Steve users reduced in Tekken 8 due to his punches not being as hard-hitting as it once was. Fortunately, Fox might reign supreme once more in the game with many buffs coming his way. Here are all the changes:

  • Changed the damage of 2+3 during Heat from 45 to 50.
  • The hitbox of Down-Forward-1+2 during Heat has been expanded upward, alleviating instances where the attack would miss in certain situations.
  • The distance from the opponent was reduced when the first hit of 1+2 was blocked, to alleviate whiffing midway through.
  • The forward movement of Up-Forward-2 has been increased to extend the reach of the attack.
  • The phenomenon where the opponent could unnaturally quickly crouch to evade the subsequent high attack after blocking the first hit of 1-1 While Rising has been corrected.
  • The startup of the 7th hit from 1+2-1+2-1+2-1+2 during Ducking was adjusted to match the animation, alleviating cases where combos would whiff in certain situations.

Xiaoyu (Balanced)

Xiaoyu has been a mainstay in the franchise since her first appearance in Tekken 3. She was once considered one of the most annoying fighters to face because of her complicated low and back attacks. While she still utilizes practically the same moveset, she feels slightly weaker in Tekken 8. Xiaoyu isn’t a bad character at the moment, but she doesn’t have the same power she once did back in the day. It appears that the developers aim to maintain this balance. Here are all the adjustments:

  • The damage of Forward-2-1-2 during Heat, Dash-1-2 during Heat, and Up-Forward-2 has been changed from 23 to 20.
  • The forward movement before Forward-3 and the hitbox size have been increased primarily to stabilize behavior when used in aerial combos.
  • Changed the damage of  Up-Back-4 from 26 to 20.
  • The tracking ability of 1-2-Back Facing Opponent after the first attack on hit or block has been enhanced to alleviate instances of attacks whiffing midway through.
  • The consumption of the remaining Heat time of 2 during Hypnotist has been changed from 180 frames to 240 frames.
  • Hurtbox of 3 during Hypnotist has been expanded to make it easier to land, even with high-hitting attacks.

With these significant changes coming to the game, hopefully, Bandai Namco can draw its community back to Tekken 8. For more information regarding character patches, you may check Bandai’s official website.