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Let Ethiopia produce Expo, aims for Birr 3 billion in market connections

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The Ministry of Industry has unveiled an ambitious plan for the upcoming Latvian Produce Expo and Bazaar. The five-day event starts on May 9e at the Millennium Hall, aims to generate Birr three billion in market connections between Ethiopian manufacturers and domestic and international buyers.

“This expo is a crucial platform to showcase the productivity of our manufacturing industries,” Industry Minister Tarekegn Bululta said at a press conference. He emphasized the government’s commitment to supporting the sector through strong policies and strategies, benefiting both established industries and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

More than 200 companies will be participating in the expo, representing industries such as leather goods, textiles, building materials, automotive, electronics and more. About 120 of these are large-scale industries, while the remaining 80 are small and medium-sized enterprises.

The event expects to attract 50,000 visitors, including representatives of embassies, foreigners and students. There will be a photo exhibition showing the evolution of Ethiopian production, alongside discussions on finance, strategy and infrastructure.

“We aim to address the key challenges manufacturers face, including access to materials, financing and infrastructure,” said Minister Tarekegn. “Let Ethiopia Produce is a movement to establish Ethiopia as a leading industrial nation, with an emphasis on sustainable, competitive and capable producers.”

The movement prioritizes import substitution and cost reduction. By promoting market connections and showcasing the industry’s potential, the expo aims to achieve these goals. The program concludes with an awards ceremony recognizing individuals and entities that have significantly contributed to import substitution and export market growth.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald