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Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal speaks out against ‘pronoun disease’ borrowed from the West, slammed

Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola Krutrim (AI chatbot), recently stirred the internet and shared his thoughts on what he called the ‘pronoun disease’. It all started when LinkedIn’s AI bot called him “She” instead of “He.” With a screenshot showing ‘them/them’ circles, he lashed out at these practices, labeling them as borrowed from Western culture. He sounded the alarm about multinationals unintentionally spreading this ‘pronoun disease’ to unsuspecting Indians.

Expressing his hope that this ‘pronoun disease’ will not become a thing in India, Aggarwal highlighted how many ‘big city schools’ are now embracing this trend and even sneaking it into their resumes. “We need to know where to draw the line if we blindly follow the West!” he exclaimed, voicing his concerns about how Western culture influences most LLM-based chatbots.

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“(The) screenshot is from LinkedIn’s AI bot. This “disease” is being perpetuated in India by multinationals without us Indians even realizing it,” the OLA co-founder warned. “It is better to send this disease back to where it came from. Our culture has always been respectful of everyone. No new pronouns are needed,” he concluded.

However, his post took an unexpected turn as it went viral for the wrong reasons, with people quickly criticizing his stance. “I don’t agree with you here. This doesn’t hurt anyone and do you really think having pronouns on resumes would impact your hiring decision?” one user wondered.

Another pointed out the linguistic aspect and said: “Hindi mein jab “unhein”, “unke”, “unse” jaise shabdon ka badon ke liye bidog kiya jata hai, to uska angrezi mein anuvaad kya hota? Aise to hai nahi ki our culture has not had an equivalent of “they/them” pronouns in languages ​​like Hindi. So you’re basically just saying you have a problem if a tool uses it to prevent abuse?”


A third chimed in, emphasizing: “Respecting pronouns is a basic act of decency, not a disease. Using one’s correct pronouns is the bare minimum for respecting LGBTQ+ people.”

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