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‘No Jew is safe until…’ Columbia Law students warn amid anti-Israel uproar, ‘anti-Semitism exposed’ critics claim

As Columbia University struggles to return to normal after last week’s NYPD crackdown, the law school has written a letter to management declaring that no Jew is “safe” or “free” until Palestine is free.

FILE PHOTO: Police stand guard outside Columbia University, where an occupation and protest encampment was set up in support of Palestinians during the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel (REUTERS)

In an email sent Friday by Columbia Law’s National Lawyers Guild organization, the group criticized the school’s administration and the NYPD for clearing Hamilton Hall.

The Columbia Law Students’ Group’s blatant “warning.”

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In what is being touted as a “dangerous threat,” the group says: “Our security cannot be based on the oppression of others, whether campus protesters or Palestinians. No Jew is safe until everyone is safe, and no Jew is free until Palestine is free. “

“While you repeatedly cried wolf with claims that anti-Zionist speech was anti-Semitic, diluting the very real examples of anti-Semitism, we shared uplifting, welcoming Shabbat services at the Gaza solidarity camp. While you threatened doxxing and disciplinary action, we found community in the encampment and imagined a more just world,” the email continued.

Despite these blatant comments, the group pushed back against concerns about the safety of Jewish students and faculty, claiming they were merely being used as a “pretext for the violence in Columbia.”

“We have repeated to the point of exhaustion that protecting Jewish students and faculty is a dangerous, weak pretext for the violence in Columbia. It is now abundantly clear that this excuse is a gross distortion of the truth. This excuse has been weaponized by white Christian nationalists, including those in Congress, whose primary motivations are to dismantle diversity initiatives and promote a Jewish majority in Israel to initiate the rapture.”

Rabbis and sympathizers of Israel condemn students

After being widely shared on the Internet, the email was widely criticized. Chairman of the Conference of European Rabbis, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, told Fox News Digital: “It is reckless for Columbia Law’s National Lawyers Guild group to throw around words like security and freedom when the message they are communicating is a direct threatens the safety and freedom of Jewish students on campus. , and more broadly, all Jews in the United States and around the world.”

An This from a law faculty. America, this is your mess to clean up.”

“This is clearly hateful anti-Semitism. The group should be revoked and expelled,” an X user claimed.

Columbia Uni students seek postponement of exams

The email further asked management to cancel the final exams as students are still reeling from the trauma caused by police in riot gear. “Videos are circulating of police dressed in riot gear mocking and assaulting our students. Last night’s events have left us, and many of our colleagues, unable to concentrate and deeply emotional during this tumultuous time.”

“We believe that canceling exams would be a proportionate response to the level of distress our peers have felt.”

Last week, nearly 300 protesters were arrested on the campus of Columbia University after the NYPD stormed Hamilton Hall they occupied to pressure the government into action. However, NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Tarik Sheppard and the Governor of New York have stated that those arrested were not students, but outside agitators.