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This morning, the Tamil Nadu School Education Syllabus announced the announcement of the Plus 2 exam results, marking a major milestone for students across the state. With a pass rate of 94.56%, students can now access their grades online or via text messaging services. The results show commendable performance with 92.37% of male students and 96.44% of female students successfully passing the exams.

The Plus 2 general exam, a cornerstone of the school curriculum in Tamil Nadu, began on March 1 and ended on March 22. The exams spread across 3,302 exam centers across the state and hosted 7.72 lakh students from 7,534 schools along with 21,875 individual candidates.

The painstaking task of correcting the answer sheets involved more than 30,000 teachers and education officials stationed in 83 centres. This rigorous process began on April 1 and ended on April 13, followed by a thorough analysis and review of scores, culminating on April 30. Thus, the timely completion of these procedures has facilitated the release of the exam results today.

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