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The ending of Red Dead Redemption 2 contains a heartbreaking secret that you definitely missed

The ending of Red Dead Redemption 2 contains a heartbreaking secret that you definitely missed

Please, no more… We can’t handle this kind of pain

Our eyes were still bloodshot from all the tears we cried during this game… and then someone discovers a heartbreaking secret that just reaches for our tissues.

Red Dead Redemption 2 It just won’t rid us of this pain.

Rockstar Games’ title has given us some fantastic memories, but it also makes us cry faster than any Taylor Swift album.

If you don’t believe us, check out the latest secret that has left fans sobbing on their couches.

Just an FYI: Don’t read on if you haven’t completed or played the game yet (but plan to).

Let’s lighten the mood with some Red Dead Redemption 2 epic victories and failures

“I just noticed that in the epilogue, if you camp at old campsites like Horseshoe Overlook, you can hear faint sounds of singing and laughter when you wake up (…) Damn, this game breaks my heart.”

To anyone who can read that and not be upset, your heart has been turned to stone.

As if that wasn’t harrowing enough, one player had the unfortunate time of experiencing this while already in the grips of grief.

‘Yes, that doesn’t help. I did this while visiting the graves of the gang’s fallen members. A+ to Rockstar for kicking my ass so much. Well done,” one fan shared.

To give us all a little reprieve from this searing emotional pain, let’s take a look at an open-world event that one player discovered after 500 hours. They were blessed to experience this.

Now that we’ve discovered both heartbreaking secrets and joyful moments, it’s time to look forward Red Dead Redemption 3, which will apparently be a new prequel.

At least find the sad secret the OP mentioned. However, make sure you prepare something healthy that you can enjoy afterwards.

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