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Granblue Fantasy: Relink receives update version 1.2.0: new characters, quests and DLC

CyGames has released their latest update to their recently released action-adventure RPG game Granblue fantasy: Relink. Available on both PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam versions of the game, this update introduces two new playable characters: Seofon and Tweyen, additional quests to undertake and for those inclined towards paid content, additional DLC.

Version 1.2.0 brings two new characters from the original Granblue fantasy browser game. Seofon, a master swordsman, and Tweyen, a skilled archer – both are part of the Eternals, a group known for their mastery of weapons. These characters can be accessed by fulfilling specific in-game requirements. Alternatively, for those who want to unlock them immediately, they can also be accessed via the paid ‘Character Expansion Set’ DLC.

This update also includes two new quests titled “Gulp… So These Are the Rumored Monsters” and “Lock Horns,” which feature brand new monsters and offer treasures for the new characters to unlock.

Further additions with this update include an emote expansion set and several item packs aimed at upgrading characters, weapons and sigils. These include (with prices varying between regions):

Character Expansion Set (Seofon): EUR 4.99
Character Expansion Set (Tweyen): EUR 4.99
Color package 4: EUR 7.99
Emote Expansion Set ‘I Work Out’ (push-ups, sit-ups and squats): EUR 1.99
Self-Improvement Package 2: €2.99
Weapon Unlocks Item Pack 2: €2.99
Weapon Upgrade Items Pack 2: €2.99
Sigil Upgrade Items 2: EUR 2.99

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