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Voters will vote for all five proposals in the May 4 bond election

Longview ISD voters approved all five proposals during the $456.2 million bond election held May 4.

  • Proposal A was passed 3,073 votes for and 1,602 votes against.
  • Proposal B was passed 2,845 votes for and 1,813 votes against.
  • Proposal C was passed 2,718 votes for and 1,930 votes against.
  • Proposition D passed 2,700 votes for and 1,952 votes against.
  • Proposition E passed 2,815 votes for and 1,837 votes against.

First and foremost, we would like to thank our dedicated parents and community members who volunteered countless hours to educate voters about this important election. Their hard work has led to this excellent election turnout and wonderful results.

We are humbled and grateful for the trust our community has placed in us. This vote affirms our shared commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities to all children in Longview.

Once ballots are collected and results are finalized, Longview ISD will move forward with the planning and implementation phases, ensuring fiscal responsibility and transparency throughout the process.

The district will also form a bond advisory committee in the coming weeks, made up of families, business owners and other members of the Longview ISD community.

Board election

Voters in place 3 also re-elected Dr. Samir Germanwala for a second term on the Longview ISD board.

Dr. Germanwala received 536 votes, or 63.81%, defeating challenger Tiffany Angus, who received 304 votes, or 36.19%.