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Tankpocalypse 2.0: Overwatch 2’s DPS passive buff makes tanks see red

The April 30 update to OW2 made Orisa weaker and made DPS heroes much stronger. They did this by making a change that increases the power of DPS heroes. This change reduces the amount of healing an enemy receives after being wounded.

When this change was first added it made the healing 20% ​​weaker, but after that the healing became 15% weaker. Now they have reduced it to 20% in the latest update. Tank players did not like this change at all.

Tanks are the biggest and strongest heroes on the battlefield. As a result, they are often targeted first. This new change makes it much harder for healers to keep them alive.

Just one day after the update, tank players started wondering why the developers made this change. They remembered how bad it felt when healing was reduced by 20%. One player on Reddit got over 700 likes for asking why they were going back to 20%.

Another player said that playing tanks was already difficult at a weaker healing of 15%, but it got worse at 20%. They also said it felt bad for support players because they felt powerless.

Someone else agreed that the change was just too much.

People are also talking about this on the official Blizzard forums. Some are asking the developers to undo the change. One player said that all his friends uninstalled the game because of this change, even though the game felt good before.

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Some players even wondered if the developers made these changes while drunk.

But maybe the developers have a plan. Alec Dawson, the Lead Hero Designer, hinted that there will be more changes for tanks in the mid-season update. He said we will have more information about this soon.

We don’t know exactly what those changes will be, but given how tough things are for tanks right now, any good changes will be very welcome.