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3, including a woman who has been charged with gold theft

Ahmedabad crime

3, including a woman who has been charged with gold theft

The suspect had reached the jewelry store on April 30 under the guise of customers

Ahmedabad Mirror

May 6, 2024 6:00 AM | UPDATED: May 6, 2024 3:02 AM | 4 minutes reading

The city police have arrested a gang of three thieves, including a woman, for committing jewelery theft worth Rs 1,47,150 from a jewelery shop in Vadaj. The police have scanned about forty camera images to identify the thieves.

According to police, on April 30, three persons, including a woman, had reached Abhushan Jewelers as customers. When the jewelry was shown to them, one of the three individuals siphoned the jewelry and escaped from the store.
When the owner counted his stock in the evening, he discovered that some jewelry was missing. A complaint was lodged in this regard at the Vadaj police station.

A police official at Vadaj police station said, “Based on the CCTV footage, we identified and arrested the thieves. During the first interrogation, they confessed that all three of them had reached the shop in a car on the pretext of buying jewelry and stole the gold jewelry.
“Among those arrested are Praveen Dantani, Karan Dantani and Bharti Dantani. The accused Praveen was also involved in a similar theft incident in Kadi earlier,” the police official said.