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This therapy is 6000 years old, it is effective for skin and muscles, pain disappears

Hina Azmi/Dehradun. Today we have many treatment methods, but there is one medical method that is about 6,000 years old. This is called Hijama Cupping therapy. Athletes consider it useful in pain relief. Queen Cleopatra used it for her skin, while it has also been used in China for thousands of years.

Hijama cupping therapy expert Dr. Siraj Siddiqui, while giving information to the locals, said that just like women today undergo many types of beauty treatments, Queen Cleopatra also used to take the help of this therapy to get glowing skin. He said that this therapy probably comes from China. But in ancient times in India, blood detoxification was done through this therapy through hollow horns in villages and rural areas. He said that a lot of research is also being done into this. It turned out that the sample from people from whom back blood was collected via cupping was different from the blood sample that was collected by hand. Creatinine, urea, sugar levels and cholesterol levels were found to be high in the blood obtained from cupping. This means that this therapy removes toxins from the blood.

Many benefits of Hijama Cupping therapy

Dr. Siraj says that many benefits of Hijama cupping therapy have been observed. This therapy is effective for all diseases, including pain relief, beauty, hair-skin beauty, anti-aging, skin disease, migraine, joint pain, back pain, hernia and cervical pain.

This method was made famous by Olympic winner Michael Flips

Dr. Siraj says not many people knew about this therapy, but when American swimmer Michael Phelps, who won 28 medals at the Olympics, took part in a swimming competition, people noticed that he had some kind of spot on his waist. It was discovered that he is following this therapy. Many great athletes have also used this therapy. Hollywood actors and wrestlers like Rock were also seen uploading their photos with therapy signs. After this, athletes now follow this treatment to remove muscle inflammation and relieve pain.

Where can you get cupping therapy?

If you are also suffering from such problem and want to take Hijama cupping therapy then the price of this therapy is 200 to 300 rupees. You can have this therapy done at The Allen Clinic in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand. This clinic is located in Municipal Corporation Complex on the right while going to Darshan Lal Chowk from New OPD Building of Doon Hospital, Dehradun.

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