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As a veterinarian, I have seen many stupid clients

A VET has shared some of the ‘stupid’ things they have seen at work.

The long list of dog-related mistakes, they said, drove them crazy.

A vet shared a list of memorable mistakes they’ve witnessed in pet parentsCredit: Getty

Redditor Extra-Board733 shared the pet owner in a post.

They explained that they had been veterinarians for decades and had seen many mistakes made by parents.

However, a few stood out.

‘I’ve been working in the field since 99. Seen a lot of stupid things. Some of my favorites,” they said.

At the bottom of the list was a financial decision that they wished many would become wise to.

‘People who are misled by spending so much on designer varieties. $3500 for a border collie lab mix?” they said in shock.

Other faults that bothered them were reduced to negligence.

“Any person who does not examine their working dog before purchasing it,” they said.

Owners confused about vaccines also made their highlights.

“Owners who believe the rabies vaccine will give their pet rabies,” they said.

I’m a vet and am so tired of so called ‘therapy dogs’ – their owners are full of them, the biggest red flag

The long list of mistakes included issues that had a direct negative impact on their pets.

The vet remembered a pet parent who was unaware of what they were feeding their dogs.

“Owner with chronic diarrhea on consultation. ‘What does he eat every day? Add sweets/kibble/leftovers?'” they had asked.

The owner unknowingly revealed that they had been feeding their dog an inappropriate diet.

Been working in the field since 99. Seen a lot of stupidity.

Redditor Extra-Board733

“Three frozen meatballs twice a day,” the vet revealed.

However, one incident was without a doubt at the top of their list.

The vet explained that one owner revealed that she had been kissing her ferret’s ‘outie belly button’ every night.

The animal expert had the unfortunate task of breaking the news to her.

“I had to tell her it’s his penis,” they sighed.

Vets agreed that the latest incident took the cake.

“As someone in the vet exotics field, that made me cringe on a whole different level,” said one.