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Moonlight Derby recap: Return of Daegu’s king Cesinha leads to 3-2 comeback win over Gwangju – K League United

Struggling Daegu FC came from behind twice to beat Gwangju 3-2 at home in Round 12 of the 2024 Hana 1Q K League 1. This win marks their second win of the season and first win under new manager Park Changhyun. in what was his fourth match. Daegu FC correspondent Muyeol Jung discussed the clash between the two civic clubs at DGB Daegu Bank Park.

News before the match

A match between Daegu and Gwangju has always been entertaining with plenty of goals scored and this match at DGB Daebu Bank Park in Round 12 of Hana 1Q K League 1 did not disappoint the fans with a thrilling 3-2 comeback win for Daegu.

Coming into this match, Daegu were in desperate need of a win after their first win of the season came on the last day of March in Gwangju, with the visitors fresh off a winning streak after six consecutive defeats.

Gwangju manager Lee Junghyo played young midfielder Jeong Hoyeon up front in place of the injured Lee Hee-gyun in the starting line-up in a bid to change his tactics. For the hosts, notable changes included the return of Cesinha to the starting XI and the exclusion of Go Jaehyeon. Manager Park revealed that Cesinha really wanted to make up for his unacceptable performance last time in Jeju by starting. He also explained that it would be best to rule Go out for a while to have some free time after having a face-to-face meeting with the Korean striker.

Seesaw battle in the first half

Within five minutes of the first half, the visitors took the lead with Lee Keonhee’s opener. The striker turned with the ball and shot towards the penalty area with a left-footed effort. However, Gwangju’s lead did not last as long as they wanted. Young striker Park Yonghee shot the ball home, assisted by Daegu’s talisman Cesinha. With this assist, the Brazilian became the sixth player in the competition to score more than 60 goals and 60 assists.

Despite Gwangju letting the lead slip away so easily, they did not stop moving forward and regained their lead when Du Hyeonseok’s curling ball was met by Byeon Junsoo’s header in the penalty area after a free kick. After leading 2-1, they came close to finding the third of the night when Lee Keonhee hit the woodwork. But this time too they could not maintain their lead. At 25 minutes, the ‘King of DaeparkCesinha sent a low cross for Jeong Jaesang, who made no mistake from close range.

Daegu’s determination in Gwangju’s dominance

The second half was even more lively. Both teams showed no restraint from the start and clearly showed their desire to find the next goal by exchanging shots on goals. As Gwangju’s dominance continued, Daegu created some counter-attacking opportunities through aerial control. One of them was successful when substitute Kim Youngjoon earned a penalty for Daegu. The young striker stumbled in the penalty area as he tried to control Cesinha’s curling ball. Cesinha, who had already had two assists, converted the ball flawlessly. Afterwards, Gwangju did everything he could to get something out of the match through Eom Jisung and Gabriel, but he could not get past the determined Daegu boys and fell to a 3-2 defeat.

Post-match interview

After the match, Gwangju manager Lee Junghyo expressed his frustration, saying: “It’s so annoying. Our boys put in 100% on the pitch and I don’t know what our club is doing. Are we just a third wheel in the league? ” We as a small, unpopular club have to fight against all odds every time. I think we played the way we wanted to play and we played well in front of a sold out crowd.” .

Shortly afterwards he stormed out of the press room; it sounded like he wasn’t happy with the referee’s decisions, including the penalty that led to a 3-2 win for Daegu.

Meanwhile, Daegu’s manager Park Changhyeon told the press: “It’s a fascinating feeling to win at home in a fantastic atmosphere created by a sold-out crowd.” He added: “I would like to give full credit to our boys, fans and backroom staff who worked hard with me”.

When asked about his views on youth, he said, β€œIt is imperative that such a group of youth plays their role on the field and continues to grow, which will significantly help us move forward.”

Manager Park had calmed down a bit and confidently said that this was just the beginning of the journey. He told the press: “This is the first game of the second round robin and it’s great to start with a win. I believe there will be many more coming our way and who knows where we will sit at the table later “.

Daegu’s talisman Cesinha returned in style with his brilliant performances with one goal and two assists and was voted man of the match. He also shared the credits with his teammates saying, “We played like warriors as a team and tried to stop Gwangju from doing what they do best. I am grateful to my teammates, coaching staff and manager”.

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What’s next?

Gwangju have a midweek match against Ulsan next Wednesday, which was rescheduled due to Ulsan’s AFC Champions League match before returning home for the visit of Jeonbuk on Sunday. Daegu FC travels to the capital next Sunday to take on Kim Gidong’s Seoul at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.