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Red Sox 9, Twins 2: Newbies Step Up For Victory In Minny

So the Twins had some kind of unopened rancid rally sausage in their dugout as a good luck charm as they’ve carved out an impressive 12-game win streak, including the first two in this series against the Red Sox. Could Boston bust out of the casing or would they be contained to yet another defeat?

Key Moments

B2: Big Jam Escaped

Bases loaded. No outs. Scary! Cooper Criswell somehow dug himself out of his own grave. Two K’s and a little tapper for the force out at home.

B3: Jeffer’s Jack

Someone had to break the ice. Unfortunately, it was the Twins.

T4: Do The Hustle!

Sometimes, you have to win with small ball, and when you have freakish athletes on your team, small ball can really work in your favor! Jarren Duran with his lizard speed stretches a broken bat bloop into a double, then Rob Refsnyder takes advantage of a ricochet from Carlos Correa to even this game back up.

T5: McGuire Goes For A Swim, Ceddanne Drives

Rafaela’s two-run blast will be below for certain reasons, but how about Reese McGuire taking a huge risk and actually succeeding? One down and on second base, he takes a big chance in swiping third and swam around the tag of Jose Miranda! He was called out on the field but immediately knew he was safe, calling for Cora to challenge. Lucky? Maybe. Skillful and impactful? For sure.

T8: 4 Runs In

Devers made note yesterday that the reason for the mini losing streak may be the roster turnover of late. Sounds like those guys took notice! Vaughn Grissom, welcome to the Red Sox with his first hit, a long RBI double to right-center. Dom Smith also went oppo and Manuel Margot lost it in the sun, bringing home four runs total between the two of them!

T9: Raffy Rakes

The team homer-less streak is over! A golf swing shot by Raffy into the porch in right field!

Three Studs

Rafael Devers (2-for-5, 2 RBI)

If you’re the one making comments about your team, you probably should step up yourself too. He did in a big way.

Cooper Criswell (4.1 IP, 1 R, 1 BB, 5 K, 5 H)

Aside from digging himself out of his jam, he had a decent outing once again! For being a spot starter as Nick Pivetta becomes primed to return, Brayan Bello and Garrett Whitlock not too far behind, Criswell has been very serviceable.

Jarren Duran (2-for-5, 2 runs scored)

Can we nickname him Lightning McQueen? Because he is just speed. Even in the 9th on his triple, he is FLYING around the bases. Both times he reached, it made an impact!

Three Duds

Zach Short (0-for-4, 2K)

Still short of the mark! I don’t know if he’s a bench player or will be demoted once the lineup settles down, but just zero impact.


Honestly, I got nothing else. Maybe a dud moment is Rob Refsnyder leaving with a hammy injury but he isn’t a dud overall.

Play of the Game

For how this game could have gone, Rafaela’s two-run shot was a momentum changer. That’s your play of the game.


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