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NBA addresses Anthony Edwards’ controversial technical foul in Game 1

Anthony Edwards stares at Reggie Jackson

The NBA is changing course after Anthony Edwards’ questionable technical foul in Game 1 against the Denver Nuggets.

During the third quarter of Saturday’s win over Denver, Edwards was whistled for a T by referee Courtney Kirkland. After Edwards scored a basket on Nuggets guard Reggie Jackson, he briefly looked at Jackson … which Kirkland deemed worthy of a technical foul.

Here’s the video (note that James Capers is the visible referee instead of Kirkland, who called the T off-screen).

On Sunday, the NBA righted the wrong. They announced that Edwards’ T had been withdrawn following subsequent review from the league office.

That was a pretty weak technical foul indeed, especially considering the emotions and competitiveness of playoff basketball. Entertaining moments like Edwards, who finished with a whopping 43 points and led his team to a stunning victory, are exactly what gives him appeal as an emerging face of the competition.

The one-time technical foul on Edwards didn’t matter much in the end, as Minnesota still won by a final score of 106-99. But it wasn’t really a great day for the referees, because the referees had also made a big blunder in the first half of the match.