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My husband fell in love with his student

A distressed woman confronted her husband after discovering he had fallen in love with his student.

Although he admitted to being emotionally unfaithful in their relationship, he said he did not cheat on her.

A Redditor confronted her husband about his emotional cheatingCredit: Getty

Redditor No-Faithlessness7067 shared her marital problems in a post.

The woman and mother explained that she had been married to her husband for eight years and that they had a four-year-old child together.

Her husband is a doctor and professor at a medical school, a school where her friend Sarah also works, in the same department.

“A few months ago (in December) Sarah took me out to lunch and told me she suspected something was going on between my husband and this medical student,” she wrote.

‘She claimed she saw both of them giving each other ‘longing looks’.

“She said she’s known my husband for so long, and she’s never seen him talk to another woman like that, that he’s been so distant towards women all these years, but with this one girl it’s just different. ‘

Initially, the Redditor dismissed her concerns.

“At that moment I had laughed at her face. I remember telling her that she is jumping to conclusions based on these so-called ‘longing looks,'” she said.

However, that evening she brought it up in a conversation with her husband.

“I laughed at the absurdity, and I expected him to join in and deny the wild possibility that he is in love with a student,” she said.

I wondered why my boyfriend never had time for me, everyone knew his secret but me, I was traumatized when I found out

But he didn’t. Instead, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, ‘I’m sorry. I can’t get her off my mind. I’ve tried, believe me. I should. ‘ I told you before. But I thought I could save our relationship, I really wanted to.”

After asking if he had cheated on her, her husband assured her that he had avoided contact with the student outside of school.

“She wrote him a letter about a year ago confessing her love for him, and he told her that even though he liked her, nothing would come of it,” she said.

“Apparently that’s when the ‘longing looks’ started.”

He’s always been very handsome, and I’m more of a plain Jane. She is the Meredith to his Derek.

Redditor No-Faithlessness7067

After the conversation, the Redditor moved in with her parents and took her daughter with her.

She also admitted to checking the student’s social media and even compared the two to a popular pairing on the show Grey’s Anatomy.

“She is insanely beautiful, almost doll-like and intelligent. I can’t help but think someone like him should be with someone like her,” she said.

“He’s always been very handsome, and I’m more of a plain Jane. She’s the Meredith to his Derek.’

She compared her husband and his student to Derek and Meredith from Grey’s AnatomyCredit: Alamy

In a follow-up post, she revealed that she had decided to go through with the divorce.

Her husband explained that while working together in a research group, he realized he was impressed by the student’s intelligence and beauty.

Although he left the research group after the realization, the student gave him her love letter a few weeks later.

Her husband admitted to the student that he was also attracted to her, but he could not express his feelings.

“He said he was willing to change jobs and go to therapy. I told him to give me some time to think about it,” she said.

‘This has been going on for three years. Not once did he say anything to me.’

“That’s why I’ve decided to go through with the divorce. I don’t think I can trust this man again. And a relationship without trust is not something I’m interested in.”

Viewers believed that her husband had made a foolish mistake.

“Gosh. He’s flattered and in love (and so is she). What a stupid*ss,” said one commenter.

“He probably romanticized their love at this point and the sacrifice of not being with her because of his responsibilities to his wife and child,” another added.

‘Our hero! Play music. Their love is destined to last forever, but their honor keeps them apart. All they have to live for are desperate looks across the classroom.”

Others thought the Redditor would eventually become the protagonist of her own story.

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“Bruh, if she’s Meredith to his Derek, then you’re Addison; I’d be happy with that,” one commenter said.

“That makes me feel better,” she replied.