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Kristi Noem calls for the death of Joe Biden’s dog

Maggie Astor of the New York Times reports in today’s “Kristi Noem Suggests Biden’s Dog Should Have Been Killed, Too” that Kristi Noem suggested today on CBS’s Face the Nation that Biden’s dog Commander should be killed. Astor quotes Noem as saying to her interviewer Margaret Brennan:

Joe Biden’s dog attacked 24 Secret Service people. So how many people are enough to be attacked and dangerously injured before you make a decision about a dog?

Of course, Governor Noem. Biden did make a decision. He banished Commander from the White House shortly after this article’s lead photo was taken, and Commander now lives with other family members.

I assume, Governor Noem, that you would have instead ordered the Secret Service to take the commander to the basement of the White House and shoot him? And then you wrote a book about how tough you are, just like you shot your own dog Cricket because you hated it?

German Wirehaired Pointer after a few days of bird hunting
A wirehaired pointer in the field. Noem’s dog Cricket was a wire-haired pointer.