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Level 3 student with a passion for crisis management in healthcare

April Pops

While most students are working towards becoming a qualified healthcare assistant, April Papps is on a different journey in person-centered care.

The New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing – Part of Health Assistance (Level 3) The graduate will use the skills and knowledge gained during her studies to pursue a career in policing or healthcare chaplaincy, fulfilling a personal interest in reducing the impact of trauma and abuse in her community.

“I am committed to promoting safety, wellness and advocating for others. I am also interested in police work and first responder care, and becoming a chaplain combines these interests,” she explains.

Papps’ background is varied: she has worked in the motel industry for years helping guests alongside her parents, and volunteering in crises such as the Christchurch earthquakes.

“I’ve learned to stay calm and collected when things get tough. Putting myself in the shoes of others to understand their perspectives has been a lifelong practice for me, and it naturally comes from my upbringing and personal experiences,” she says.

Her health and wellbeing qualification from NZTC is in line with ongoing research in the areas of communications, speech therapy and criminal justice.

“I chose to study with NZTC because I felt that the Level 3 program would allow me to combine my existing skills into a new pathway, in a rewarding environment.

“While some of the program content may not be what I want to pursue a career in, it has opened my eyes to all areas of healthcare and helped me reconnect with my purpose and ambitions.”

She says she was encouraged that the program included a course on caring for vulnerable clients.

“The training on abuse and empathy really resonated with me. It is inspiring to be part of a program that values ​​such important aspects of care and advocacy.”

Papps is currently putting the knowledge she gained through her studies into practice as she cares for her elderly parents and helps manage the challenges associated with their ongoing health issues.

She hopes to soon be able to fulfill a role in which she can put her calm head and healthcare knowledge into practice and contribute to healthcare for people and society.