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Tales of the Empire episode 6 recap: The Way Out

This article contains full spoilers for Star Wars: Tales of the Empire episode 6, “The Way Out.”

The final episode of Star Wars: Tales of the Empire focuses on the fallout from Barriss Offee’s choices from the previous episode after she realized she didn’t want to be an Inquisitor anymore. In episode 6, “The Way Out,” her past catches up with her. Let’s recap everything you missed in the short.

We open on a snowy world in the midst of a blizzard. A family trudges through the snow alongside their mount. A furry alien pops out of the snow to greet them. This family is seeking the healer of the mountain for their baby. They follow the alien into the storm.

Later, the storm settles, and the alien leads the family to a hut in the middle of nowhere. A woman guards outside the door and accepts the family inside to meet with the healer. The healer is an older Barriss Offee. Fun fact: This is a neat detail because one of her abilities dating back to her Star Wars Legends content was Force healing.

She checks the child and doesn’t see anything wrong with him. The parents say the Empire came and took a blood sample of all the children in their village. Their baby’s blood sample made the Empire try to take their child. The family fled to search for Barriss.

She explains that their child is Force sensitive. While he’s not a Jedi, he has the potential to become one. But this gift is a curse, and the Empire will want him for something far worse.

As if on cue, the woman who guarded the door says someone is coming. Barriss steps out and sees in the distance a being on the horizon. She dismisses her two helpers, telling them to take the family on her starship and leave her. She says the coordinates will take them to see “an old friend” of hers and that “She’ll understand what to do.” Barriss tells her two helpers not to return for her. They are to take everything she has taught them and pass it on to others. With one last hug, she sends them all on their way.

Barriss turns to meet the figure on the horizon, and it’s the Fourth Sister, who has survived her fall from the last episode. She is there for the child and is unhappy to find Barriss instead. Barriss tells her peacefully to leave.

The Fourth Sister pulls her lightsaber on Barriss. However, Barriss asks if this is really who Lyn, the Fourth Sister’s real name, has become. Someone who chases down innocent babies for her Empire? The Fourth Sister tells her to move, and Barriss steps in her path.

The Fourth Sister attacks with her lightsaber! Mirroring how the Grand Inquisitor dodged Barriss’ moves just a few episodes ago, Barriss easily stays out of the Fourth Sister’s reach. The Inquisitor’s anger makes her predictable. Barriss even stops the blade with the Force, pushing her back.

Barriss tells her that she gave the family a head start. She will stand aside, but she warns the Fourth Sister not to follow the family, especially into the ice cave where they fled. The Inquisitor doesn’t know the path and will get lost in there, never to come out.

With that, Barriss steps to the side and lets her go.

The Inquisitor stalks after the family into the cave. However, she doesn’t know the way, easily getting turned around. Meanwhile, Barriss’ allies lead the family safely to her starship. They fly away to safety.

The Fourth Sister begins to panic, getting turned around in the caves. Barriss’s voice echoes through the cavern, saying she doesn’t want the Inquisitor to die there. Barriss will lead the Fourth Sister out if she lays down her weapon. The Inquisitor is scared because failure is not tolerated in the Empire, especially when your boss is Darth Vader.

The Inquisitor panics even more, slicing at the walls over and over, searching for Barriss frantically. She whirls around and thrusts her lightsaber–!

And strikes Barriss in the gut. Barriss collapses into the Fourth Sister’s arms. Barriss forgives her, which angers the Fourth Sister. The Inquisitor doesn’t want forgiveness; she wants a way out! Barriss offers her more, saying, “You know the way out. You just have to accept it, Lyn.” This means she needs to leave the Empire.

The Fourth Sister finally calms down, her senses reaching out to the Force. She picks up Barriss, leaving her Inquisitor blade behind. Trusting the Force, Lyn finds the way out of the cave, carrying Barriss back into the light.

However, it is unknown if Barriss survives as Tales of the Empire comes to an end.

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