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F1 2024 Miami GP livestream LIVE: Lando Norris leads race

Ed Sheeran talks about Ipswich Town’s promotion chances at the F1 Grand Prix of Miami

Formula 1 returns to the United States this weekend, where the street circuit around the Hard Rock Stadium will host the Miami Grand Prix for the third time – and the second of six sprint weekends in 2024.

Max Verstappen was in dominant form last time out in China, winning both the sprint race and the Grand Prix in Shanghai, and is leading the world championship despite the current turmoil at Red Bull, which has led to the shock departure of Adrian Newey from the team this week . Ferrari favorites to sign the star designer.

Sergio Perez is 25 points behind his teammate in the standings, with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz second on the list. Lando Norris finished second in Shanghai as he continues to aim for a maiden F1 win, while Lewis Hamilton will be aiming for more after his worst ever start to the season.

Miami was selected by F1 as one of six locations where a sprint weekend would take place this year. Verstappen has won the first two editions of the race, which first appeared on the calendar in 2022, and put his Red Bull on pole for the race on Saturday after also winning the sprint race.

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F1 Miami Grand Prix: no further investigation into Piastri-Sainz (lap 37/57)

Despite Sainz being furious over the team radio, there has been no further investigation into that collision with Piastri…

At the front, Norris now has a two-second lead over Verstappen!

Could this be the day for Lando Norris?! 20 laps to go…

Kieran JacksonMay 5, 2024 10:04 PM


F1 Grand Prix of Miami: Piastri and Sainz collide! (lap 34/57)

Big fight between Piastri and Sainz for fourth place – Sainz has to go off the track and hit the wheels!

Further on, Norris’ lead over Verstappen increases… to 1.6 seconds now…

Kieran JacksonMay 5, 2024 10:01 PM


F1 Miami Grand Prix: Lando Norris retains lead (lap 33/57)

It was tight, but Norris keeps the lead!

Leclerc’s Ferrari was also interested in the first corner… but remains third!

Verstappen makes the mistake in turn eight and Norris now has a 1.1 second lead over Verstappen – outside DRS!

Kieran JacksonMay 5, 2024 9:58 PM


F1 Miami Grand Prix: Lando Norris leads… (lap 32/57)

Top 10: Norris, Verstappen, Leclerc, Piastri, Sainz, Perez, Tsunoda, Hamilton, Russell, Ocon

Can Lando keep the lead at the restart? Huge moments here as Norris takes his first F1 win!

Kieran JacksonMay 5, 2024 9:56 PM


F1 Grand Prix of Miami: major clash between Magnussen and Sargeant

Magnussen receives a 10-second time penalty for this…

Kieran JacksonMay 5, 2024 9:55 PM


F1 Miami Grand Prix: Lando Norris retains lead!

The safety car has picked up Max Verstappen!

Lando Norris comes in with a lead of about 36 seconds over Verstappen – and the safety car lets go of the peloton to overtake Verstappen.

Kieran JacksonMay 5, 2024 9:52 PM


F1 Grand Prix of Miami: Safety Car!

There’s been an incident with Magnussen and Albon – and Sargeant is in the wall in turn three!

This should work out brilliantly for Lando Norris, who has taken the lead, ahead of Piastri and Sainz who just pitted!

Let’s see what happens here…

Kieran JacksonMay 5, 2024 9:49 PM


F1 Grand Prix of Miami: Max Verstappen pits (lap 25/57)

No win for Verstappen with VSC, but Red Bull still puts him in the pits – 2.2 seconds – and he comes back in fourth place.

Oscar Piastri is now leading this race!

Are they hoping for another safety car?

Kieran JacksonMay 5, 2024 9:43 PM


F1 Grand Prix of Miami: virtual safety car (lap 23/57)

The stewards sprint to remove the bollard and debris!

A fast VSC period of 30 seconds, but none of the front runners were anywhere near the pits!

So they didn’t make a pit stop – track clear!

Kieran JacksonMay 5, 2024 9:40 PM


F1 Grand Prix of Miami: Max Verstappen clatters a bollard!

Verstappen – of all people! – hits the bollard in the turn 13 chicane!

It goes near the racing line at the start of the straight. Will we get a safety car?

Nothing from the FIA ​​yet.

Kieran JacksonMay 5, 2024 9:38 PM