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Selling The OC fans confused about Alexandra Rose’s role in Season 3

To say the very least, real estate agent Alexandra Rose is not the leading star in Selling The OC Season 3.

The third season of Selling The OC is here and it features a fairly large cast. With 14 real estate agents with big personalities and grudges battling for the spotlight, there are bound to be a few stars that are left in the dust when it comes to screen time. And by some people, Alexandra Rose is pretty much the only person who has the short end of the stick.

In the first two seasons, she received a great deal of screentime mainly for her up-and-down friendship with co-star (and fellow Alex) Alexandra Jarvis.

But in Season 3 she was pushed to the backburner so much that most viewers didn’t even notice she was there.

On May 3, OC fans quickly took to Reddit after watching the season and were in agreement that Rose wasn’t a very prominent part of it at all. Some even went as far as stating that she brought “nothing” to the table.

One fan wrote: “I think she spoke twice the whole season.. Probably wrong but sincere… She rang the bell twice… Do not remember her speaking outside of those two scenes… Except once. It’s pointless for her to even be in the show now.”

Another fan chimed in and wrote: “Did she get paid to be in it.. I’d be shocked with how little she did.”

Since the entire third season was released at once, it won’t be until Season 4 (that is if Netflix greenlights one) for her to regain some of her prominence on the show.