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What happened to Stephanie Smith of my 600 pound life?

Aside from a few cryptic Facebook roles, Stephanie Smith hasn’t revealed much since her “My 600-lb Life” episode aired. Her Facebook relationship status is set to ‘Divorced’, but she has two children. Furthermore, even though her mother was placed in foster care earlier in her life, she is now a part of her life. Other than that, there isn’t much information to determine what Smith is up to these days or how much weight she has lost since her episode came out. But she was certainly not liked by many fans, who did not hold back their thoughts about her.

A Reddit thread has a near-unanimous consensus that Smith quit far too easily. Redditor u/Tsole96 didn’t hold back, writing, “Stephanie was insufferable in the way she lies. She really believes in her own lies. Her line ‘I’m not going to give up like the doctor gave up on me now,’ as if he’s the one who blocked her and not the other way around.”

Stopping Dr.’s program Now does not automatically mean that someone has given up on weight loss progress. Season 8’s Bethany Stout quit the regimen but managed to lose a decent amount of weight on her own. Maybe Stephanie Smith has lost more weight than people realize, but she hasn’t done herself much favors in the eyes of viewers with her actions. Hopefully she gets a “My 600 Pound Life: Where Are They Now?” at some point, so that the world can properly check in with her again.