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Video shows Houston police officer rescuing Texas man, 3 dogs from flooding

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HOUSTON – Video shared by the Houston Police Department shows the dramatic rescue of a man and three dogs from flooding caused by days of relentless rain that pounded parts of East Texas and caused several rivers and streams to overflow their banks, inundating several communities across the region .

According to a Facebook post from the Houston Police Department, Marine Enforcement Unit Officer H. Scott was patrolling an area in north Houston on Saturday when he heard a man yelling for help from a mobile home park in an area where the San Jacinto River entered Lake Houston.

After hearing the cries for help, Officer Scott responded to the area on a jet ski and found the unidentified man in 8-10 feet of water.

The video showed the officer helping the man and his dog onto the back of the jet ski before entering the water to help get the man’s second dog onboard.

While speaking with other officers, he was alerted to another dog stuck in the flood waters, with its head barely above the water’s surface.

The video shows Officer Scott approaching the terrified puppy and getting that one to safety, too.

Video released by the Houston Police Department shows an officer rescuing a man and three dogs from flooding near the San Jacinto River. Houston Police Department
Marine Enforcement Unit Officer H. Scott responded on a jet ski to a man stranded in 8-10 feet of water. Houston Police Department
The officer entered the water himself to rescue one of the dogs, Houston Police Department

Hundreds of people have needed to be rescued from flooding after several rivers, including the Trinity River and San Jacinto River, overflowed their banks when some areas picked up more than 10 inches of rain last week.

Evacuations were ordered in several communities, roads were blocked and schools were shut down as communities began to be overwhelmed by flooding.

More thunderstorms and rain fell across the region on Sunday, but the flooding is expected to subside this week.

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