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Freshly unveiled Mazda EZ-6 turns into a stylish car in imagination land

Mazda EZ-6 station wagon rendering by sugardesign_1
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Photo: sugardesign_1 / Instagram

There were many novelties at the big Auto China 2024 event in Beijing, China. Some introductions focused exclusively on the local car market, others had an international scope. Oh, and let’s not forget the small niche of China-focused debuts that everyone wished were also international.

One of those models was also the all-new Mazda EZ-6, a rear-wheel drive electric sedan that signals the potential return of the Mazda6 lineup. For now it is only sold in China, also as a plug-in hybrid, thanks to Changan Mazda – and the new mid-size car uses the same EPA platform as in the Changan Deepal SL03 liftback.

Mazda removed the Mazda6 sedan from its U.S. lineup in 2021 and also sent it to British and Japanese retirement homes last year and just a few months ago. However, it is still for sale (albeit barely) in places like the Old Continent and some other markets. Moreover, it has a solid enthusiastic following around the world.

Naturally, many fans were happy to see the potential successor to the aging mindsize model that has been around in its third generation form since 2012. However, the Mazda EZ-6 has nothing to do with it due to the aforementioned Changan motifs. , even though they both serve the same group of customers. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope of it making it to international markets.

To make this option possible, even the imaginative world of digital automotive content creators has decided to get in on the Mazda EZ-6 business – and Sugar Chow, the virtual artist better known as sugardesign_1 has taken to social media to allow CGI to present its take on the potential station wagon variant, along with a Changan Deepal SL03 station wagon. As always, this pixel master’s design projects come very close to potential reality, and this time the CGI expert has given the EZ-6 a lot of ‘zoom-zoom’, in keeping with Mazda tradition.

Some of the author’s fans even claimed it looks better than the original sedan, but we’d reserve final judgment until we could see them side by side in the real world. Unfortunately, that may never happen – at least not in the West – because this project is a double forbidden fruit. Firstly, because the Mazda EZ-6 may never escape the borders of Asia for a major international career. Secondly, because the station wagon version is just wishful thinking at this point and is also a standalone project that has nothing to do with Mazda.

However, let’s imagine that Mazda and Changan both enter international stages with these station wagon models. Which one would you choose as your ride partner and why?