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Macrocosm – Destiny 2 Guide

  • Planet Changer – Each player must lock a board in the room and use the Planetary Insight buff to move planets to either side of the room.
  • Advertisement clear – Your default role: take out every enemy you see.

Divide your fireteam into three teams of two. Two players line up in the center of the room and defeat enemies, while the other two teams must spread out across the room’s platforms (one pair on the bottom platforms and one on the top). In other words, the four Planet Movers each stand on a board on the outer edges of the room with three planets above them.

After the encounter starts, take out enemies. After you eliminate the Phalanxes, a Centurion will appear at the back of the room on each side. Defeat them to spawn a Terrestrial Lieutenant Colossus on each of the platforms.

Killing the lieutenant will allow this Planetary insight, that shows you if there is a planet light or Dark on your side of the room. All light planets should be on the left side of the room, and all dark planets on the right side. Find the odd one out and communicate with it. Then sync with your partner on the other side of the room and move the planets to the corresponding place on the other side. This turns the planets to the right side.

You only have a limited amount of time to switch planets, as indicated by the Planetary shift buff as soon as you interact with your planet. Once you do this, each of the plates will radiate a burst of color. In the Pantheon version, a Tormentor will spawn.

Repeat the process and once you take out the lieutenant, three planets will be called in the center of the room Index planets are revealed: two of one color and one of the other. You must take a planet of the corresponding color and place it on the correct plate in the center of the room. For example, two light and one dark planet means that both players on the left must take a planet and dip it on the correct plate, while the remaining dark planet is handled by a player on the right. Once all three planets are submerged, shoot the Darkness node floating in the center of the room to start the damage phase.

Don’t shoot the boss immediately. Instead, wait for them to jump into the center of the arena and look at the color of their aura. You must stand on a board that matches their aura to deal damage, but you can move to the central area after getting the buff. After a short phase, you rotate to the other plates depending on the shift in the aura color. Repeat this process to achieve a Last stand phase, where you have to pump out a last bit of damage to avoid a wipe.

For damage, a Source of radiance or two (or three) is great to have a damage buff and healing on the plates while you deal damage. Missiles are generally the best option for damage with at least one Gjallarhorn and a series of legendary rockets such as Spitfire And Belly in the night.

Changes in the macrocosm pantheon

Here’s a look at all the changes in the Pantheon version of this battle: