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Marvel Transformers Comics Compendium Vol. 1 Coming soon from Image Comics

With the 40th anniversary approaching, it only makes sense that the Marvel Transformers Comics would return! Image Comics will publish the Compendium Vol. 1 featuring Transformers #1-44 by Bob Budiansky, Bill Mantlo, and Jim Salicrup, and illustrated by Frank Springer, Don Perlin, and Jose Delbo.

The Trade Paperback Edition will cost $64.99 USD and will be released on September 24, 2024, distributed by Simon & Schuster. There are no images yet, see the official product information below for more details. You can pre-order it now from our sponsors on

Release date: September 24, 2024

Retail price: $64.99 USD

For fans of Invincible Compendium and Mass Effect: The Complete Comics, TRANSFORMERS COMPENDIUM collects the very first issues of one of the most popular comic book series in a complete compendium for the first time ever.


The Transformers rocked the comics world with their debut that was truly MORE THAN THE EYE, and now for the first time you can experience every issue – from the original series and tie-ins – in this new, reader-friendly compendium format.

Discover the heroic Autobots, the evil Decepticons and the galaxy-spanning war that will leave you breathless in this first installment, perfect for fans new and old.

Collects the Transformers #1-44.

Published by Image Comics

Distributed by Simon & Schuster


• Bob Budiansky
• Bill Mantlo
• Jim Salicrup


• Frank Springer
• Don Perlin
• Jose Delbo

Product details

• Publisher: Image Comics (September 24, 2024)
• Length: 1064 pages
• ISBN13: 9781534373679