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HUSKERS SOFTBALL Big 10 Tournament Recap: Indiana 9 Huskers 5 Sarah Harness Billie Andrews

A 6-run Indiana 8th inning proved too much to overcome and the Husker run is over with a score of 9-5.

The Huskers had jumped out to a 3-0 lead after the second, powered by leadoff home runs in both innings. The first was a tape measure from Billie Andrews, who rivaled her bomb against Minnesota yesterday afternoon. The second was hit almost as hard by Ava Bredwell, but much lower. He took off in a straight line towards midfield but never seemed to get down.

Unfortunately, the bats were largely silenced after that by Sophie Kleiman, who replaced Briana Copeland, who conceded the runs. Several balls were hit hard, but right at the Hoosier defenders as the Huskers tried to get things going. On the other hand, Indiana’s small ball game turned out to be like fighting off a swarm of mosquitoes.

The Hoosiers battled back with some speed and small ball, scoring a run in each of the 4th and 5th innings. Still, the Huskers took a 3-2 lead in the top of the seventh and appeared to be heading into Saturday when Sarah Harness threw an 0-2 pitch on the outside and struck out Alex Cooper to start the inning. I’d say it’s shocking, but after seeing it in Ann Arbor and again against Northwestern, this kind of surgical incompetence just becomes basic procedure. Of course, Cooper hit one out two balls later, so fate could have broken us too – Indiana is a speed team – but it was her seventh of the season.

It only tied the game, but the Huskers would have preferred the bases empty and one out.

That said, Indiana just swung and ran wild in the 8th inning and will prove to be a handful for the Michigan-Wisconsin winner tomorrow. I won’t relive the 8th, so here’s a photo:

Due to lingering injuries to Emmerson Cope and Kaylin Kinney, it was essentially a ride-or-die time with Harness, who was hoped could recreate her magic as she pitched Southern Illinois to a Missouri Valley Conference title and won the completed the entire match in three consecutive rows. games.

It wasn’t supposed to happen today, but watching her throw all but a few innings in the last five games left a memory of endurance and determination that Huskers softball fans won’t soon forget.

The Huskers needed a win here, which was essentially called an NCAA edge-of-the-bubble elimination game, so it’s very likely the Huskers season ended. And one look at the team and their families hugging and crying on the next field told us they believed it too.

A team that had battled all season until the finals finally found a lead that they could not overcome at the end. Their legacy will fight until the battle is over.

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