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DOOM has been ported to the retro gaming console in Persona 5 Royal | Page 3 |

DOOM is known for being ported to just about any device with some input, and that list now includes the old retro gaming console in Person 5 Royal. Modders KingJackSkellington and Xan1242 released the DOOMsona mod today, allowing you to purchase the shareware version of the original DOOM at the second-hand store in Yongen-Jaya. DOOM is fully playable and, like the other games Joker can play in his room, will give the player a social stat upgrade when done (in this case his guts will increase) and prompt commentary from Morgana before and after playing .

The mod includes the WAD file for the shareware version of Fateboth and for FreeDOOM And Chex® questa promotional video game released by General Mills in the 1990s based on Ultimate doom. After completing the shareware DOOMwhich only comes with the first episode, the player can purchase a full copy Ultimate DOOM from the same store; However, because this game is still sold commercially, the WAD file is not included with the mod and the player must provide their own file.

DOOMsona also supports any PWAD it is compatible with Chocolate DOOMa source port of the original DOOM that strives for historical accuracy and fidelity to the gaming experience DOOM as it was originally released.

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