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PM Update: Slight rain chances tonight; fog possible as humidity rises Monday

A warmer, more noticeable breeze from the south should bring moments of sunshine this afternoon through sunset, after a day dominated by showers and light rain. Although precipitation will decrease, we could still see a thunderstorm or shower this evening. Tomorrow it will be warmer and it will seem less rainy, even though it will be mostly cloudy.

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See you tonight: Warmer, more unstable air continues to flow in behind a warm front. A rain shower, short rain shower or thunderstorm is possible, but in general these will occur less and less. In the moister air (dew points in the 60s), drizzle and fog may develop after midnight, keeping temperatures hovering between the low and mid 60s.

Tomorrow (Monday): There was fog early and it remains mostly cloudy, but rain chances and amounts both look lower. Temperatures will rise into the mid 70s or low 80s. With dew points in the 60s, humidity can make it feel a bit warmer. While a stray shower is almost always possible, thunderstorms or cluster showers will have to wait until mid to late afternoon.

The night may still be filled with showers, a few storms and a few downpours. It will be humid, with a chance of fog and drizzle. Temperatures will generally hover within a few degrees of 65 degrees at their coolest.

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Not yet ‘abnormally dry’, but we could still use rain

Just like during the warm season, heavy rains and storms can bring relief to one province but leave the next province high and dry. Over the past seven days, our region has experienced some precipitation surpluses and some shortages in the immediate area:

We have still not been able to completely reverse our recent trend in below average rainfall. This is the deviation from the average rainfall of the past 30 days:

The growing season increases the need for more consistent rainfall. Thanks to our long-term rain surpluses from early 2024, we have been able to keep drought at bay so far. However, notice southwestern Virginia on this map of precipitation compared to normal over the past 60 days:

While abnormally dry conditions remain outside the center of our region, they have spread a bit south:

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