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Ribbon cutting at Crenshaw Park in Wetumpka



The Elmore County Commission cut a ribbon Saturday for the newly improved Crenshaw Park in Wetumpka.

The land was donated to Elmore County in 1982 by Courtney and Hertisene Crenshaw to provide a location where the community could come together for fellowship, activities and enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors.

The improvements include renovations to the baseball and softball fields, a new basketball court, ADA accessible parking and ramps to the play areas, a new asphalt driveway, multiple shade structures, additional safety improvements to the playground and a new walking path. The park improvements cost more than $150,000.

“Similar projects are happening all over the county,” Elmore County Commission Chairman Bart Mercer told Action 8 News. “We can work with other partners across the province to achieve what we call quality of life improvements. You know we can pave roads and repair bridges and all that stuff, but we also have to focus on making sure that Elmore County is a great place to live, a great place to raise your family, and this is a good example.”

“It’s a far cry from where we came from when we first donated it,” Hertisene Crenshaw said. “We have had contributions from everyone.”

“Mr. Courtney laughs,” said Elmore County Commissioner Desirae Lewis Jackson. “But this would never have happened and it would have been a place for kids to have fun without the Crenshaw family, that’s why it’s called Crenshaw Park.”

Crenshaw Park is open year round. In the summer it serves as a summer day camp location for children from 6 to 15 years old. It is located at 1371 Crenshaw Road in Wetumpka.