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8 French dip sandwiches from popular chain restaurants, ranked from worst to best, according to customers

The first McAlister’s Deli opened in 1989, serving a menu of baked potatoes, salads and sandwiches. One of those sandwiches is the French Dip, which consists of Black Angus beef and Swiss on a baguette with au jus. The sandwich comes with a side dish and a pickle spear, but according to Jackie R. from Mississippi on Tripadvisor, the sandwich served is not the same sandwich advertised.

Jackie’s beef isn’t about the taste of the sandwich, it’s about the amount of meat on it. She complained to management and brought it to their attention that when her sandwich was brought to the table, it did not contain nearly as much meat as depicted on the display for customers to see while waiting in line. Instead it was served with a thin layer of cheese and a disappointing amount of roast beef. After listening to the customer, McAlister’s Deli brought Jackie a new double meat and cheese sandwich to match the photo. Once she tasted it, she concluded, “That version of the sandwich is tasty and filling.”

Wilder Shaw, a food writer with Cheapism, tried six popular sandwiches from McAlister’s Deli. The French dip was last on his list because it tasted like maple syrup when dipped into the au jus. “It looks like one of those new chocolate cake shots they sell in college bars. I don’t want my French dip to taste like maple syrup. I guess you don’t either.’