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LinkedIn post for job in Mumbai makes waves

The Constitution of India prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, place of birth, caste or language. In a viral LinkedIn job posting that has created a buzz online, ITCODE Infotech, while looking for the post of graphic designer, has categorically barred all Marathi-speaking candidates from submitting an entry for the post. This is blatantly contrary to the values ​​prescribed by the Indian Constitution.

The screenshot of the job posting on LinkedIn shows the name of the person who posted it. The message reveals that the person in question is a freelance HR professional who goes by the name Janvi Sarna.

In this post, Sarna makes a downright exclusionary statement and says, “The Marathi people are not welcome here,” all while casually listing the other requirements for the said position.

Screenshot of the now deleted vacancy. |

The message appears to have been deleted after the outcry.

Screenshot of the deleted message. |

The job with an advertised salary of Rs 4.8 PA for the above-mentioned role (graphic designer) ironically expects the candidate to perform his duties from his office in Mumbai, the capital of the Marathi-speaking state of Maharashtra.

The post for the said job is said to have been done on behalf of ITCODE Infotech, a Surat-based company. This has led many of them to highlight this as a discriminatory and exclusionary method of hiring.

In addition to X, formerly Twitter, Neitizens on other platforms, including Reddit, expressed their dismay and disappointment at the problematic nature of the post. Some of them even invoke cases of discrimination on other points in other cases, including renting houses.

One Reddit user even said that such companies should not be allowed to function in the state of Maharashtra. It also became a platform for many Reddit users to point out the growing discrimination taking place based on religion and caste and how it is affecting the righteousness of the workforce at large.

ITCODE Infotech, according to available information, is headed by Balakrushn Koladiya, a professional from Surat.

Published: Sunday, May 5, 2024 12:42 IST