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Vancouver Street transformed for ‘The Last of Us’ shoot

A part of downtown Vancouver looked very different than usual this week as the crew of the hit TV show The Last of Us prepared for a shoot.

From the overgrown vegetation and dusty cars to the military vehicles that passed through, the area just off Main Street, near the harbor, underwent a dramatic transformation.

And the shoot attracted plenty of onlookers trying to get a taste of what HBO’s hit show has in store for season 2.

The crew’s attention to detail is impressive, swapping out street signs and adding extensive vegetation to recreate what a post-apocalyptic city would look like.

Some passersby said they plan to watch the show for the first time based on what they saw.

But some local businesses in the area were unimpressed with the way this particular shoot was handled.

Landon Hoyt, executive director of the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association, told CTV News on Friday that some businesses had only four days’ notice.

“At this point, the particular shoot, while exciting, was kind of last minute,” Hoyt said. “There is compensation and everything is going on, but they have to cancel dinner reservations for guests. That includes spoiled food. There are adjustments in personnel planning that are very difficult to manage.”

Hoyt emphasized that the BIA supports the film industry, but asks those filming shows and movies to give local businesses at least 10 days’ notice to minimize the impact on businesses.

Parts of season 2 will be filmed across the province, with filming also set to take place in Nanaimo later this month.