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Two Class 8 Students Feared Drowned While Fishing in Jalpally Lake

HYDERABAD: Two Class 8 students were feared drowned while they were fishing at the Jalpally lake on Sunday, Pahadi Shareef police said. They were among a group of five students who had gone to the lake at 11 am.

As they were not able to catch fish, three of them, Arbab and Mohammed Hadi Wahab, both aged 13, and Mohammed Osman, 12, entered the deeper portion of the lake but lost their footing.

Two others who stayed ashore helped Arbab but Wahab and Osman were believed to have drowned, police said. Locals called the police who went to the lake and started a rescue operation with DRF teams and local divers. There was no trace of the two kids, said Pahadi Shareef inspector P. Guruva Reddy.

He said that the search operations would continue into the night.

The missing kids were from Errakunta and Jamal Basti. Family members of the victims and locals gathered at the lake. Police have registered a case and are investigating.