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The next part of the mystery

MaryLand season 1
Photo: PBS

Afterwards premieres tonight on PBS, if you want to know a little more about it Maryland season 1 episode 2?

If you haven’t heard much about this show yet, let’s just say there’s a lot to be excited about here! Suranne Jones from Lord Jac fame serves as one of the main cast members, and this will be a quality, family-centered mystery. For more information, go ahead and check out the general synopsis:

MaryLand follows two estranged sisters who reunite to uncover the truth about their mother’s sudden death and her double life on the Isle of Man. This isn’t so much a murder mystery as it is a compelling story about two siblings who open up to each other while working out a series of family secrets.

For those who don’t know, there are only three episodes in this particular story, which means things will move quickly! The premise is exciting enough amid a sea of ​​British mysteries, and we also love the idea of ​​seeing more of the Isle of Man on TV.

You will see episode 2 in particular next week. The underlying mystery will still be there, but at the same time, the synopsis of this is proof that grief is something that everyone deals with differently. This isn’t just something that everyone can see or process in the same way:

As Becca and Rosaline deal with the fallout from their mother’s death, new revelations emerge and the sisters deal with it in different and sometimes destructive ways.

Because of the shorter episode count, it feels like not only are you going to see a lot of drama here, but a lot will happen in a short amount of time. Writing won’t hold anything back!

Where would you most like to move to? Maryland season 1 episode 2?

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