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‘I had a baby with a married man – now his wife wants us to meet’

A mother to a two year old boy is now in an awkward position as the wife of her baby’s father wants to meet her and the child to discuss the affair she had with her husband

A mother who fell pregnant from an affair has now been contacted by the married man’s wife(Getty Images)

A woman who had a baby with a married man is now in a tricky situation as the ex-wife of her former married boyfriend wants to meet, and to meet the love child.

In a lengthy post on Reddit, she’s revealed how accidentally falling pregnant with a married man has come with added complications. With the ex-wife of her former lover now reaching out and wanting a meeting, as well as for her son to meet his half siblings, the once simple love affair now feels infinitely more complicated.

In her Reddit post, she writes: “I (F, 26) had an affair with a married man (M, 42) a few years ago. I had no clue he was married when we first met and hooked up. I obviously looked him up on social media and while he did have photos of his kids on there, there was absolutely no mention or photos of a wife at all. I found out that he was married about a month after we first got together, but he told me it was just a marriage on paper and that they basically lived separate lives and agreed to remain married for practical purposes until the kids were older. They owned a business, which she really ran and he was just financially involved in.

“I knew at the time that I probably shouldn’t believe him, but I convinced myself it was true. I was in my early 20s and so attracted to him and I guess almost infatuated with him. He made me feel so good. I know now that I should have ended it immediately, but I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. I was addicted to all of the attention he gave me, the great sex, the places he’d take me .I was so naive.”

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The woman explains that she didn’t realize the man was married when they first got together(Getty Images)

Soon into dating her married boyfriend, she discovered she was pregnant and whilst she’d actively been trying to be safe during sex she’d still ended up with child. She added: “I was in love with him, or I thought I was. I hadn’t intentionally wanted to get pregnant. I would of course dream about being his wife and having a family but I knew that wouldn’t be a possibility while he had this arrangement with his actual wife. I didn’t get pregnant on purpose with any intention of him leaving her for me, even if I wished that we could be a real, normal couple to be pregnant with his baby. I wanted that baby once I found out I was pregnant. The thought of carrying this baby of the man I loved was so special to me, but I knew he probably wouldn’t feel the same.”

She then explains how the married man she was sleeping with wanted her to terminate the pregnancy, and whilst they were planning to do it, she later got cold feet and decided to keep the baby and raise it alone. She explained: ” I texted him to say I promised to never contact him again and to never name him as the father or go after child support if he’d promise to leave me alone. At first he tried to sweet talk me into doing what he wanted. When I didn’t cave in, he said some very nasty things to me and that I essentially better never contact him again or show up at his door.”

Now the woman is mother to a two year old boy and has remained no contact with his father and led a very separate life, until his wife reached out and wanted to speak to her. “She wants to talk to me. She found out about me and told me that she divorced him 6 months ago,” she writes. “She wants her children to know their sibling and for my child to know his siblings. That’s weird to me.”