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SuperTuxKart 1.5 is getting ready for release, v2.0 in the works

Fans of open source racing games SuperTuxKart will be happy to hear that developers are busy in the pit lanes encouraging the next big update – and it’s launching this summer.

SuperTuxKart 1.4 was released in 2022 with a ton of improvements that refine, improve, and refine performance, gameplay, and stability. But it’s been a while since anything happened important new features have been put into the tank (so to speak).

But things are moving up a gear SuperTuxKart 1.5.

SuperTuxKart 1.5 options screen with new maximum FPS and benchmark options
New options in the next release

This summer, SuperTuxKart 1.5 comes off the starting line with a welcome clutch —No, I’m sorry about these puns— of improvements and enhancements for desktop and Android builds (yes, the game is also on Android and even supports online play against Linux users):

  • Ability to configure maximum FPS within the game options
  • New benchmark mode
  • Detailed control of the game’s audio level
  • New LoD (Level of Detail) settings to reduce popping

Current versions of the game have a hard limit of a maximum of 120 fps for desktop builds and only 30 fps on Android, making the ability to adjust the FPS welcome. Developers add that the game’s physics works independently of framerate @ 120FPS.

The new default level of detail settings delivers a ‘significant improvement in quality’, albeit at the cost of increased resource demand – but considering most systems already run this game exceptionally well, the trade-off is worth it.

Still, like any good driver, SuperTuxKart developers are not only focused on the release right up front, but also on those further along…

SuperTuxKart 2.0 is getting underway

A new song in SuperTuxKart 2.0
Preview of an upcoming new song (Image: STK)

2.0 will bring more gameplay changes and track updates than any release to date

The next big milestone is SuperTuxKart 2.0. Development is already underway and will become the main focus once the 1.5 release is out the door.

SuperTuxKart 2.0 will yield more “major gameplay changes and more important track updates than any single STK release in the last fifteen years”.

Developers are also teasing “significant changes and improvements to all elements of gameplay”which is likely to include at least the following:

  • 5 new songs (+ all existing songs updated)
  • 3 new power-ups
  • New kart class
  • New in-game AI to race against
  • New story mode
  • Renewed GUI
  • New music
  • Improved add-ons system

As well as vastly improving the visual quality of songs and improving the gameplay to make it more fun and engaging SuperTuxKart 2.0 will also offer better performance from the game engine and work on a Vulcan renderer will continue.


Some of the planned changes for 2.0 are already available for testing in an ‘experimental’ branch, should you be willing to try out the changes ahead of time. Obviously don’t expect a smooth ride as these are experimental.

Why not help?

And if you can contribute and help get the next release across the finish line, so much the better.

SuperTuxKart is free, open-source software developed by a small team of unpaid contributors. The more hands deck chassis, the faster progress can be happy.

Not a code engineer? No problem; creatives are needed to improve music, textures, icons, 3D modeling, etc.; and administrative human input is needed to write documentation, report bugs, work on the website, and so on.

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