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The 8 Best and 5 Worst Prepared Foods You Can Buy at Wegmans, According to Customers

Behold the glory of the Wegmans Peruvian Chicken Power Meal, a high-protein, low-carb, gluten-free concoction that makes healthy eating a slam dunk. This nutritious blend of lean chicken, brown quinoa rice and green beans with a hint of cilantro cream sauce has a highly rated almost 5-star average across a spectrum of about 50 reviews – not too shabby for a whole selection of food among more indulgent recipes. As a single-serving dish, it is also an option for one person rather than a family meal, a notable difference for the prepared food category it occupies.

What qualifies this conscious mix as a Wegmans prepared choice? The chicken is fantastic, but according to a reviewer on, “The green beans, however, are the real start of the show.” That’s probably not a compliment green beans get too often. And as another customer notes, “At first it seems like a simple bowl, but once you add the sauce, it becomes so delicious!” A vote for coriander cream sauce is a vote for delicious dining.