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The eMarketer report shows that US brands are spending billions on content sponsorships but are not experiencing notable growth

US marketers are expected to spend $8.14 million on social media-sponsored content in 2024, marking a 16.0% increase from the previous year, as reported by eMarketer forecast.

eMarketer’s insights show a trajectory of continued growth, with spending expected to reach $9.29 billion in the coming year. However, this expansion is showing a slowing trend, reflecting a strategic shift among marketers toward more discerning investment strategies.

Marketers are now prioritizing partnerships with established influencers, fostering lasting associations rather than fleeting collaborations. This preference for persistent, “always-on” engagements has led to a consolidation in the number of creators engaged by brands, and a decrease in the frequency of new contractual agreements.

Despite the reduced number of partnerships, the size of individual deals has increased significantly, often involving multi-platform efforts that extend beyond social media to platforms like television.

eMarketer predicts that U.S. marketers will invest $9.29 billion in social media-sponsored content next year.

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