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Redditors’ Choice: 5 Movies Nominated for Worst Picture That Didn’t Deserve It at All

The Golden Raspberry is one of the most important anti-prizes in the sector. Every year, the worst films of the season are nominated for this: from failed blockbusters to dramas that are more like comedies. But often the winners are simply misunderstood masterpieces.

Some of these underrated movies were chosen by Reddit users.

1. The Blair Witch Project, 1999

Can you believe it? The film that changed the horror industry was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Anti-Award in the Worst Film category. Perhaps from some perspective even this kind of PR benefits the film, but to be fair The Blair Witch Project had no chance of ‘winning’ that year – it was up against Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy, The Haunting and Will Smith’s wild wild west.

2. The Bodyguard, 1992

It’s safe to say that the cult melodrama has become Kevin Costner’s acting calling card. His unforgettable film duet with…