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Punjab CEO Sibin C calls on people to vote without inducement

CHANDIGARH: The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer of Punjab has released the third episode of Podcast on official social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, X and YouTube). In this episode, Chief Electoral Officer Sibin C delves into extensive details on the distribution of freebies, cash and other incentives during elections, appealing to voters from Punjab to cast their votes without succumbing to any inducement.

In addition, he gave fascinating insights about ‘NOTA’ in this episode. He stressed that district authorities have made significant efforts to ensure voter convenience at the polling booths and urged voters to exercise their franchise.

Answering listeners’ questions, Sibin C provided clear answers, urging voters to stay updated on the official social media pages managed by the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer. Moreover, he highlighted the existence of a dedicated WhatsApp channel, ‘Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab’, aimed at disseminating crucial information about the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.