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(Release) Wii U Port for Kindergartens |

I’m back representing it The Latte Team. We’re now bringing Kindergarten to Wii U and it’s basically the entire game (minus Kindergarten 2, of course)
As a warning, I would like to say that this port is only for playing on TV and you can use SwapDRC to play it on gamepad

Download link:
If you want to see the game trailer, as usual, here is the link:

This port has been tested and we haven’t found any major bugs common to the experience, but if you still encounter a bug please don’t hesitate to contact us at
our discord server:

Or via our social media:

Spanish Freddy’s social media:
Twitter/X: Spanish_Freddy
Disagreement: SpanishFreddy
Reddit: SpanishFreddy
(Everything is “SpanishFreddy lol)

My social media:
Twitter/X: juanen100

And here are some screenshots

Taken from the page because I’m lazy lol