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Walker, Not Dead Yet, one of four TV shows expected to be canceled soon (report)

As the 2023-2024 TV season comes to a close, most shows on the five broadcast networks have already learned their fate, with many series securing renewals for next year, a handful coming to a close this season with pre-planned final seasons, and a series unfortunate shows canceled with no planned ending.

As of May 5, there are officially only 10 shows left awaiting their fate Warn (FOX), All American (The CW), All American: Homecoming (The CW), The cleaning lady (FOX), The Conners (ABC), Extended family (NBC), The big (FOX), Lopez vs. Lopez (NBC), Not dead yet (ABC), and Hiker (The CW). Of this group of ten series, it appears that more than half will return for at least one more season; However, there are four series in the bubble that are expected to be canceled in the coming weeks.


While Not dead yet started strong in its first season, the second season of ABC’s Gina Rodriguez-led comedy struggled in the ratings in its second year and now the show is expected to be officially dead.

Variety has reported that sources expect the series to be canceled after its second season and ABC will not pick up a third season of the show, which is disappointing for fans. The show ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, as it was implied that Lexi’s father, Duncan, knows about Nell’s ability to see the dead after his own near-death experience.

Unfortunately, it looks like ABC is going to pull the plug Not dead yet meaning we won’t see what fallout comes after the finale, or ever see how Nell’s friends react to the secret she’s kept from them throughout the show’s two seasons.

The only positive is that it appears ABC will still be doing business with Rodriguez as she is set to host their new game show. Happy 13.

No love

Over the past five years, The CW has said goodbye to almost its entire slate of shows, and it appears the purge is not yet complete. After the sale of the network, shows have been shown the door left and right and that’s what it sounds like Hiker And All American: Homecoming are about to become the two final CW victims.

Sources have indicated to Variety that the two shows are expected to end their current seasons and that The CW will not bring either show back until the 2024-2025 season. The only bubble show in The CW’s lineup expected to return is All American, While it sounds like The CW is renewing the series, it will look very different with possible cast changes for the show.

Lopez vs. Lopez - Season 2

NBC will only have two shows with comedies starting May 5 Lopez vs. Lopez And Extended family both hope to get another season. Unfortunately, it looks like only one of the two shows will be returning next year – and that’s a big ask.

Both shows haven’t exactly had a big hit, but it seems like NBC is considering making a hit Extended family returning for a second season Lopez vs. Lopez is expected to be canceled after just two seasons. The move, while unfortunate, is not all that surprising Extended family features a better-known cast led by Jon Cryer, Donald Faison and Abigail Spencer.

Still, the possible cancellation of Lopez vs. Lopez is more than a little disappointing considering the big expectations the cast had for season 3, including a wedding for Mayan and Quinten.

We should definitely know which shows are in danger of ending in the coming weeks, but right now things aren’t looking good at all All American: Homecoming, Lopez vs Lopez, Not Dead Yet, or Hiker.

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