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Baby discovers he can tear paper and his reaction is pure, giggly joy

There really is no better sound than a baby’s high-pitched, uncontrollable giggle.

This baby found pure joy in the simplest task: tearing up a piece of paper. In the video, the 8-month-old starts with a letter in his hand and looks confused as he sits on a couch. His father then walks over and starts helping him tear the paper apart. Immediately the giggling man begins to lose it in a fit of hysterical laughter.

With each tear in the paper, the baby’s giggles get louder and louder. At some points it even seems like it’s hard for the cute boy to catch his breath.

After much of the paper is completely torn to shreds, the father offers his baby a larger piece of the letter that still needs to be torn.

“Look, Micah,” his father says as he presents him to the baby. He then tears it to shreds as well.

This goes on for almost two minutes, with Micah – the baby – staring at his father as he completely loses it.

Baby starts giggling hysterically as he tears up his father’s rejection letter

Perhaps the best thing about this video is that the torn paper is actually a rejection letter.

“I remember this from Reddit many moons ago,” one person commented. “The dad got a letter saying he didn’t get the job, so he tore it up, and this little baby loved it. I think the father said he didn’t feel so bad afterward.”

“As an adult, I’m sure we all wish we could do this with bills,” someone else added.

Others commented on how lovely it was to hear the sound of the baby’s healthy giggles.

Micah’s father certainly appreciated his son’s comic relief. Job rejections are never easy to receive, but it helps to have a precious baby to remind you of what’s really important in life.

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