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Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Unfrosted’ Writer Defends Decision to Add January 6 Uprising-Inspired Scene to Netflix Film

Jerry Seinfeld’s latest movie, Immature, has captured the attention of viewers around the world. The film marks Seinfeld’s directorial debut and provides a unique take on the film Pop tart origin story.

The hype all around Immature is growing steadily, with fans anticipating Seinfeld’s entry into the world of filmmaking. Regardless, Seinfeld has legendary status in the world of television comedy. His involvement as co-writer and lead actor has only increased the excitement surrounding the film.

Immature - Netflix
Immature | Netflix YouTube

However, one particular scene in the film has sparked some debate. Spike Feresten, who previously worked with Seinfeld on the sitcom Seinfeld, opens about a specific sequence in the film. The scene shows a group of cereal mascots storming the offices Kellogg’s company, which draws comparisons to the events of the Capitol Insurrection.

Immature‘s writer defends the controversial scene

Immature | via Netflix YouTube

While you’re talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Feresten talked about his decision to include elements inspired by the January 6 uprising in the film. He explained that the series felt like a natural fit for many reasons, including Thurl Ravenscroft, the voice actor. Tony the Tiger, who almost went on strike because he felt underpaid. Feresten said:

“As we were writing it, there was actually a strike going on at Kellogg’s. And then of course there was the riot, and we thought, ‘Why don’t we have our own mascot riot?’ But it was actually about costumed creatures doing violent things. We thought this would be a fun series of images. We didn’t think the riot was really funny, but we thought, ‘If we can do violent acts with mascots, that could be a funny situation.’

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Feresten felt that the motivation behind the series was to advance the story rather than make light of the uprising itself. He said,

“It was never, ‘We want to do something on January 6.’ When you build a story, you just put piece upon piece. And that story led us there, and we thought, ‘If we do this quickly and make it funny, maybe the audience will enjoy it.’ And that was really the point of everything in the movie: to instruct jokes and scenes that will brighten people’s day, even if it depicts something ugly.

Feresten was very open about the inspiration behind the film’s comedic elements. He thought the idea of ​​serious adults making up crazy things for children was hilarious. He was also grateful to the producers for giving him the creative freedom needed to write such a story.

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The plot of Immature

Immature - Netflix
Immature | via Netflix YouTube

According to Time, the film actually started as an inside joke between Jerry Seinfeld and Feresten about making a movie based on the comedian’s favorite breakfast meal. However, it was during the COVID-19 pandemic that the project actually began to take shape.

Immature is a fictional look at the creation of Pop tart. It is set against the backdrop of the heated rivalry between the two Kellogg’s And After In the 1960s. Seinfeld plays Kellogg’s head of development, and he shows the world of the grain sector. The film depicts the struggles and opposition of cereal mascots and dairy farmers, who fear that a breakfast product that does not require milk will hurt their business.

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The film is inspired by the rivalry between the two Kellogg’s And After when CW Post stole a Kellogg recipe for cereal and renamed it Post-Toasties.

Many characters in the film are fictional versions of real-life figures who were actually involved in the creation of Pop tarts. Jack LaLanneplayed by James Marsden, is shown as one Kellogg’s taste pilot that inspires the foil packaging used for this purpose Pop tarts. In the same way, Thurl Ravenscroftplayed by Hugh Grant, is shown as the mastermind behind the iconic ‘Grrrrreet!slogan.

although Immature takes creative liberties with historical events, Seinfeld and Feresten were determined to provide a comedic experience that viewers can relate to.

Immature was released on May 3, 2024 and is now streaming Netflix.

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