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CNN panel laughs at JD Vance’s awkward defense of murderous January 6 rioters

After watching a clip of Sen. JD Vance (R) trying to blow off threats from January 6 rioters seeking to lynch former Vice President Mike Pence, CNN’s “State of the Union” panel burst into laughter about his stumbling defense.

Speaking to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins earlier this week, the Ohio Republican said he was “skeptical.” Pence’s life was threatened during the insurrection at the Capitol, where a gallows was being built.

After Collins reminded him of the chants of “Hang Mike Pence,” he stumbled and then claimed, “Well, Kaitlan, have a few people said some bad things? Certainly. But do we blame Donald Trump for every bad thing ever said by a man? participant in American democracy? I think that is an absurd standard.”

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On Sunday, a grinning Jake Tapper asked former Donald Trump official Marc Lotter what he thought about Vance, reportedly a Donald Trump VP candidate.

“You worked for Pence, what do you think?” the CNN host asked his guest.

“I mean, I don’t think it’s been answered properly,” Lotter replied dryly, prompting conservative Jonah Goldberg, former Obama adviser Ashley Allison and ex-Joe Biden official Kate Bedingfield to all burst out laughing.

Goldberg interjected with a sarcastic comment, “It was just a little light hanging,” adding to the mirth, while Bedingfield contributed, “It’s just a casual thing.”

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