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Fire Country season 2 episode 9: Star talks about Gabriela’s choice

Tierra del Fuego season 2
Photo: CBS

As we prepare to see Fire country Season 2, episode 9 next week on CBS, Gabriela will have a lot on her mind.

Finally, think about what happened at the end of episode 8. Her mother Roberta has a tendency to meddle in other people’s affairs, but in this case it can actually be quite useful! Consider for a moment that it may have helped her further realize why Bode did what he did at the end of last season, and why it may have been especially triggering for her. Understandably, she wanted to move on, but fate allowed Bode to return to Three Rock. It is clear, at least to Roberta, that there are still feelings on his side for her daughter.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Stephanie Arcila makes it clear that Gabriela is in a tough spot as she heads into the final two episodes of the season. We hope there will be a resolution in the finale, but that remains to be seen.

Her heart and her mind pull her in two different directions. She has followed her heart for a long time and right now she is trying to choose what she thinks is the smartest for herself. What she thinks is healthiest for herself. Right now she has that inner struggle to decide and that is life.

She might still need one thing

It’s not that complicated: a confession from Bode himself about how he thinks about her. That’s the missing link in the story right now! He doesn’t want to do anything to disrupt her happiness, but he doesn’t think about the fact that he could make her happier than anyone else. If he really wants this to work, he’s going to have to fight for it – even if it’s hard sometimes.

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