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Armley: Leeds Migrant Access Project (8 week training)

The Leeds Migrant Access Project (commonly referred to as MAP) is launching an 8-week training program for people from new communities in Leeds (including those seeking refuge) to ensure people new to Leeds can gain a better understanding of how services work in Leeds. I’m not sure if you are familiar with MAP training? In short, it is a council-led project set up over a decade ago to work with new and emerging communities in Leeds. It allows people in Leeds to understand local services/infrastructure so they can navigate around the city, so to speak (just like on a map). The project is delivered through a series of training sessions and provides the opportunity to consult with services. Once aspects of the training are completed, participants become Migrant Community Networkers (MCNs) and many become involved in community projects. The 8 week training program held at Armley Community Hub.

For more information email: [email protected]