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NBA Scout Rips Suns’ Lack of Physicality While Kevin Durant ‘Don’t Want to Play the 4’

The Phoenix Suns need a major roster overhaul if they want to compete for an NBA championship, according to a scout.

“They’re poorly built,” the scout told Fox Sports’ Ric Bucher. “Where’s their bench? Where’s their rim-protecting, shot-blocking big as a starter or off the bench? Where’s a decision-making point guard as a starter or off the bench? Where’s their 6-foot-4 defensive wing? Where’s a power forward who plays with size and physicality, since KD doesn’t want to play the 4? Where is their size? All that is essential for a winning franchise with championship aspirations.”

The Suns were defeated in the first round of the playoffs by the Minnesota Timberwolves despite spending heavily on the duo of Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal. The trio will make a combined $151.1 million next season, or about $10 million more than the projected salary cap. Add in the $33.7 million in Jusuf Nurkic and Grayson Allen, and they’re already over the first tax bill with five players.

Phoenix was going to be a second-tier team from the moment it acquired Beal, but this will greatly limit the front office’s ability to bring in role players. Every now and then a late career player might want to try to chase a ring in Phoenix, but these Suns didn’t seem close to winning a championship.

The Suns were more of a Play-In Tournament team than a true contender for most of the season. While Beal’s injury issues played a factor in the team’s inability to play cohesively together, they still lack a true primary ball handler, rim protection and depth on the bench.

These are not problems that will be easily solved with the minimum contracts the Suns will have available.